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Found 6 results

  1. I just picked up Carey's new training session, watched the first lecture and ohhhh man, I am so happy already. Thought I'd share the link here for anyone else who doesn't know about it. Thanks! http://www.division05.com/visualdesignlab/
  2. Hey All, I am currently on a job that is trying to marry an "Old World" feel with a "Modern Aesthetic"– the client's words not mine. We had settled on an art nouveau direction for the "Old World" part of the art direction and are still trying to figure out the where "Modern Aesthetic" fits in. I have been thinking that maybe the modern feel will come across in the motion scheme if executed properly, but I would still like to find a way to incorporate it into the design. Does anyone have any good examples of motion pieces with an Art Nouveau direction that still feels like a piece that is telling the story from a modern perspective? Also, any suggestions on how to achieve that balance would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Pete
  3. Jorge Lega

    New Site!

    Hello there, I would like to invite you to check out my new site. ONEKIND.tv , Hope you guys enjoy. Thanks, Jlega
  4. Hello Guys! Please check out my latest reel and design work. Thanks for your time! http://sianey.com/REELhttp://www.sianey.com/
  5. Hey everybody, this is designer Terry from Shanghai, 1st post here~! I might be too bold to put my work here under the sun, baking hot! But still, super excited to hear some feedback, so don't hold back~~~ Showreel Portfolio http://www.behance.net/terryliu Cheers!
  6. hi all, i've been out of this great site for a loong time... i have recently updated a music video section of my portfolio. its a selection of works form 5 years till present. Have a look!! Gustavo Fernando Torres thanks
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