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Found 3 results

  1. When I teach Cinema 4D in person there's always one type of user I see the most, people doing motion graphics coming over from After Effects. Given they're already fairly technologically savvy, they don't want slow tutorials that try to teach them the basics. So, with that in mind I've made a new Cinema 4D R19 Crash Course tutorial set which skips over all the boring stuff you don't care about and just gets right on into it. https://www.3dfluff.com/video/crashcourse2/ The first 10 minutes is free but I can't keep doing these videos for free forever, so this one has a price tag i'm afraid ;-) But if you stick in the code "talktalk" I'll knock 25% off until the end of the week.
  2. ZorroG


    Hello everyone ! It took about a month for me to make a decision to post my work on mograph, after viewing your amazing showreels. A have never studied graphic, motion or VFX design, I am freelancer cameraman/photographer in Sydney but I've got great passion for Adobe After Effects. I can't go a day without learning it or creating in it. After two years of playing and experimenting, this is what I come up with: https://youtu.be/QT4uFFjVOWI Reason for posting this, is I hope that some of you will look at it and hit me with some constructive criticism. Thank you so much, Zorro Gamarnik
  3. emilypants

    2011 Reel

    Hello Mographers, About a month ago the department I was in dissolved & have since started to go freelance. I'm very very new to this freelancing business & so I made a new reel to promote myself. I'd LOVE it if you could give me some constructive criticism. I have thick skin, so please be honest. And of course, if you have any freelancing tips that would be great too Thank you in advance! http://emilyskaer.com/#2443911/Reel-2011
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