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Found 17 results

  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a really good camera shake plugin or script in AE? I've used the Red Giant universe one, and of course have done the common wiggle(), but am still really unhappy with the results—it always feels inorganic. The best camera shakes I've found are for Premiere, and are footage based—it would be amazing to find shakes of this caliber as a similarly one-click solution for the AE camera.
  2. Hey guys, So I am having a problem with getting an alpha channel on a texture that is camera projected inside of Arnold. I can get the image to have transparency with a regular texture along the railing....but I cant duplicate that process for when I need to camera map onto the geometry in the background. The plane on the left with the green behind it is just showing that there is transparency along the top of the photo, and that the alpha channel is working. But above the green texture, that same railing does not have transparency, when the texture needs to be camera projected. Any advise? https://www.dropbox.com/s/8b419a5wog90s9k/Projection_Mapping_Alpha_Issue.jpg?dl=0
  3. Hey Mographers! I have a camera in C4D set to front projection. I can't get the external compositing tags to export correctlly. They are not even in the canvas let alone near their the item they need to be attached too. Anyone know what I'm missing here? Thanks, J.
  4. Hello all, I finally finished my motion graphics and animation showreel, as well as my new site, so feel free to comment all, at this moment still working on my compositing showreel as I decided I will split my work on specific areas, hope you like it, enjoy, Drazen
  5. hi, i'd like to share with you my experiment using after effects and cinema 4d. hope you like it! thanks! Motion experiment based in Leica´s M-series - amazing - cameras. Art Direction and Motion Graphics: Renato Rena soundtrack: Kraftwerk - Autobahn att, Renato Rena http://www.facebook.com/renatorenaMotionIllustration
  6. Motion designers - take complete control of your camera animations with Easy Camera for After Effects! http://www.davecurrie.net/downloads/easy-camera Available now from Dave Currie Designs! Time-saving features Include: Precision Controls for rig position, rotation, camera tracking, depth of field, and auto-focus Speed Parameters allow for automatic animation – animate without any keyframes Easily create orbiting and spiraling camera moves around 3D objects Give your animations a hand-held look with organic motion No scripts or plugins required – simply copy and paste the rig into any composition Works great with Trapcode plugins and Video Copilot Optical Flares & Element 3D Low price – it will pay for itself on your very first project!
  7. Learn how to set up sky lighting, easily create an unwrapped photo similar to HDRI, and apply it to your scene. Your GI renders will look as if they're in the environment from your location. Also learn how to incorporate it with a moving scene by applying a 3D camera tracker from After Effects.
  8. In this tutorial, we show you how to crate a camera iris using Mograph, Effectors, and even a little Xpresso.
  9. SteadyCAMPRO v3.4 and SteadyBAKE v1.4 updates because of R15 SDK changes. Via my sign -> xfiles Trivia, as these are COFFEE plugins they should run in C4D Lite as well Cheers Lennart
  10. I dont even know how the mirror system works to input the image into one lens.. mind blown, but its awesome none the less
  11. Is there a way to turn all the 2D Source points in After Effect's 3D camera tracker into nulls? I get the full menu with 3D Solved, but when I toggle it back to 2D source it only gives me the option to delete points. I wanted to then use the null points to create a triangulation look either with Plexus or something else. Not actually for a real project. I just wrapped a project with MLK in it and had the footage handy.
  12. Anyone know a way to export the X&Y film offset settings on a C4D camera to an After Effects camera? Super annoying limitation IMO.
  13. Hi all (especially UK folks) Where is your preferred shop (real or online) to go to to buy cameras (DSLR) and lenses in the UK? Is there anyone who has any experience with DigitalRev? They are dead cheap which usually should trigger an alarm. Cheers for any input!
  14. Hi all, Thanks in advanced for the help ; ) Here's the run down. In after effects I have a comp that has about 30 3d layers that are spread out randomly in Z space. My camera starts at -1777 for the z position and moves forward in z space to about 1000. So it looks like a first person pov moving forward through the 3d layers. How ever I want more 3d layers to fade in as the camera moves forward through the scene. Right now all the layers are visible since the camera does not have any far vanish settings like the trapcode particular far vanish. I need the 3d layers that are further in the distance to fade in as the camera comes closer to them and have the layers fade out if the camera is far away. Hope that makes sense... I was wondering if anyone knew of a script that could add a far vanish control to an after effects camera. Or if you could point me in the right direction. I found this on youtube but no link to the expression the guy is using and it's not in english. But it has the functionality i am looking for. Far vanish . Thanks for any info on this matter Cheers, Miguel
  15. So hoping somebody out there might have a bit of experience with Plexus. I'm working in c4d, creating a complex camera move with some fairly basic building structures. Essentially a camera animates from a tiny house up to larger buildings etc.. The look needed is a wireframe effect, but the basic wireframe is a bit, well.. shit. I'd like to export an OBJ of the scene into plexus and animate there. Problem: Nothing seems to line up. First off it comes in upside down, which is easily fixed but beyond that the camera seems to have little to no positional relation, scale may also be off too.. Anybody done anything like this before?
  16. In connection to the Cinema4D R13 release both SteadyCAMPRO and SteadyBAKE are filed under xfiles at my site as free downloads and need no licenses anymore. To install them in R12 and R13 please visit: www.tcastudios.com -> xfiles Note, the plugins are not discontinued, I use them myself in R13. The decision to now make them as free downloads is because of the on going integration of Python in Cinema 4D. So no further development will be made to the plugins. Please note, for any support, do respond to any of the emails sent from me when you bought the plugins. This is because the free downloads comes without any personal support for anyone that did not buy them. Cheers Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios
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