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Found 8 results

  1. Here's a brief animated commentary on the 2016 United States presidential election. I'm not looking to reignite the infamous mograph political discussions of old; just having a little fun. This is all Cinema 4d/ Sketch and Toon. https://vimeo.com/user4507719/dejection2016
  2. Ahoy! Just joined the forum. Here is a project I just finished up recently. It's on the thrilling topic of Arc Flash Boundaries. OOOooooo AAaaaaahhhhh. I hope for the admittedly dry material, the presentation is somewhat engaging. Got some obvious video game inspiration in there. Anyway, I was in charge of everything other than script writing, and voice over. Oh! If you watch it, stick around for the dance party at the end. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys, I'm a freelancer from Cracow, Poland. Just posted a new reel. Thanks for taking a look! https://vimeo.com/125490662
  4. Teddy

    Table Manners

    I have not been on this forum for rather a while, but I just wanted to share our most recent little animation with you guys. Hope you like it.
  5. Hello! Here is my first character animation done completely in After Effects/Illustrator. https://vimeo.com/40260607 Please be honest, again this is my first attempt and would love some sage advice. Thanks! Dan
  6. Hey guys, just a quick project I did in a couple of days to play around with tracking, character design, simple 2D character animation... etc. https://vimeo.com/43179291 Hope you like it. Your opinions are welcome. Cheers.
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