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Found 6 results

  1. Ever need to fill an object with clones and then edit the resulting geometry? Ever need to edit the result of any physics calculation for that matter? This is the order of operations and the solution.
  2. This is a problem I can't seem to figure out. (Ignore the shitty looking arrow) If you look at the image, I'm cloning spheres on to 3 different splines. (I'm using 3 different cloners and 3 different spline effectors on each spline to create a "running lights" effect. This effect isn't the problem) The problem is getting the lights/spheres to line up properly. Each spline offsets the spheres slightly (especially around a curve/corner) because I'm using 3 different sized splines. I've tried using the spline effector offset, but that doesn't really work. Any help would be appreciated. http://imgur.com/AMradX4
  3. Hi, I've just posted a quick tutorial explaining how to use a Plain Effector to drive any parameter in a Cloner instance (besides just transform/color). Affect Any Clone’s Parameter with an Effector in Cinema 4D
  4. I'm trying to get random UV offsets on the textures of clones of a mograph object. Basically I just want to offset the layered noise I have distressing these clones' texture. What am I missing here?
  5. Seems like there would be an easy way to assign a gradient to a Shader Effector that is assigned to a cloner set to Object mode and then distribute said clones relative to the gradient such that the dark areas don't allow clones but the light ones do. Setting the Shader Effector to visibility kinda works but it is too hard to control as it always cuts off at 50% gray so you have to use turbulence which causes other problems. Seems like this should be relatively simple but I can't seem to make it happen! All the best, thanks!
  6. I am using mograph to condensation on a can. I made a few water drops and set my cloner object to distribute across surface. My clones are over lapping which destroys the illusion of water. Surely there is a simple way to set a minimum distance between clones with the Mograph tool. The Dynamics work around is ok but it is processor intensive and I would like to have my minimum distance be greater than the size of my drops. Surface Spread is an excellent looking plug-in but its over kill for what I need. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.
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