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Found 2 results

  1. OK! Hey fellas... I modeled a dice...using a cube, and a bunch of sphere's...all placed disecting the geometry in the cube in their proper positions. Placed EVERYTHING into a Bool A-B...and as long as I have a solid material on the cube...I have my dice! the problem arises when I try and put a red transparent material onto the cube (ya know...like a REAL casino dice) i can see the cut outs of the other sphere's clear through the die... I know if it's transparent... I SHOULD be able to see the divits on the other sides...but this doesn't look quite right. If anyone has any lighting/compositing/material advice...I would greatly appreciate it. And since I'm a newbie...if anyone wants to let me know how to post some screen shots, I would be more than happy to do so just so you guys (and gals) could see how I have things set up. Merry Christmas! Greg http://Rescueskier1970.imgur.com/all/
  2. Hey Guys, I've tried searching the forums for an answer but can't seem to find one. I'm using the cube spin technique as seen on those Disocvery Channel spots and Nick's tutorial: http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2010/05/how-to-make-the-the-discovery-channel-rebrand-cube-transition-effect-with-cinema-4d/ Instead of splitting up the sides of my cube and dropping it inside a cloner object I'm dropping them inside a fracture object. I'm using a fracture object because I split a cube up into custom sizes---I've got 12 cubes, each a different size making up the whole of a larger cube. I'm putting compositing tags on individual polygon sides of the cube and setting up a separate object buffer for each side of the cube, however, doing this inside a fracture object doesn't seem to work? It works inside a cloner object. Any way to make compositing tags work/object buffer inside a fracture object? Thank you for any help!
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