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Found 2 results

  1. Well here it is...PyDeform v3.0! You spoke and I listened! Now you have three built-in layouts to choose from, making PyDeform extremely flexible. Choose between the Default, Horizontal or Vertical layout options and dock PyDeform in your interface! You still get all of the power and convenience as before, but now you have the choice to dock it anywhere! You can see the new demo at: http://c4dtools.net/pydeform/ or http://vimeo.com/39838253 Hope you guys enjoy!
  2. Hey guys! The overall response to my free script was great and I certainly appreciate that! I just put the finishing touches on the plugin version that adds more functionality. PyDeform is a Cinema 4D Plugin I developed to increase your efficiency and speed up your workflow. The goal is to identify the tedious and repetitive tasks that take up your time...and automate them! The aim is simple...the faster you work... the more time you have to create. Five built-in deformers to choose from, with MUCH more on the way Automatically positions and re-sizes the deformer so you dont have to! Can save you up to 30 seconds every time you need a deformer! Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/36107845 My Site: http://footprint-pro...n-for-cinema-4d Hope you enjoy and comments/suggestions are always welcome!
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