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Found 3 results

  1. Howdy folk, heading into a session of research for graphics based approach for a mid-length documentary and figure, rather than just using what we've seen and know (and where we're led), why not use the brains and eyes of the hive-mind. So ... seen any great treatments in docos recently? Approaches that combine, newspaper clippings, footage and photography? Thanks in advance. Any and all leads, styles and eras appreciated.
  2. Two things we love rolled into one... Liquor and 3D animation. Doesn't get any better, does it? Well, maybe it does if you add the Octane Render Engine into the equation. Here is a deep look into how we pulled off this project at Holmes Millet.
  3. The 2nd International Motion Festival (IMF) is organized and will be hosted in Nicosia by the Department of Arts of the European University Cyprus in March 2013. Industry professionals, artists, scholars, students and the public will come together for a two-day festival in an atmosphere designed to inspire. It is expected that emerging artists, students and professionals* in motion graphics from around the world will participate. The festival will include: a. screenings of selected motion work b. keynote invited lectures from scholars in the field c. workshops relating to motion graphics and broadcasting software and tools. The open call for motion work is based on the following categories: Motion Graphics / Broadcast Design Experimental Video Art 2D / 3D Animation Short Documentary Short Film 3D Mapping Projection Video Preview Other Important Note: Submissions are welcome from any individual or group of individuals (e.g., company, organization, association) for more info please check http://motionfestivalcyprus.com/callForEntry.html You can follow us to facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/imfcyprus/
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