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Found 8 results

  1. I am starting a new project on a travel commercial to Colorado, highlighting some of the interesting things you can do there. I am trying to get realistic snow effects to help with some of my scenes. Any and all critiques are welcome.
  2. Hey Guys, this is my latest ShowReel, take a look! I hope you like it http://https://www.behance.net/gallery/43738293/Dario-Cavaliere-ShowReel-2016
  3. So I had this idea after reading an article about how they created the lens flares in Gravity to try to recreate something similar in After Effects. http://www.3dartistonline.com/news/2013/12/creating-gravitys-earth-stars-an... So the idea is to photograph a led light shining straight into the lens in a 16x9 pattern giving me 144 stills. I'm thinking that it should be possible with expressions to link a null object with expressions and time remapping so when you move the null across the comp the flare images swap to image with corresponding placement of the flare in the grid. I've looked at some expressions that for instance swaps a mouth according to rotation or an up and down slider. https://vimeo.com/11602929 But I need it to change according to it's x AND y position. So just to clarify. Say we have an 1080p comp and we divide it in a 16x9 pattern, each pattern is 120x120px. If the null is anywhere inside the upper left pattern (x,y=0,0 > x,y=119,119) we see FlareImage01. If we move the null to say x,y=120,0 we see FlareImage02. x,y=240,0 FlareImage03... up to FlareImage16 But if the null moves down on the y-axis to x,y=0,120 we see FlareImage17. I realize it will probably be a bit choppy result since there isn't any transitions between the images. I'm more interested if it's possible to create. So if someone has any ideas how to solve it or any good links with similar solutions pleas let me know! Thanks!
  4. This is an intro I did for a local financial TV show. Element 3D once again, https://vimeo.com/66066535
  5. This is the new video for the LA based dubstep duo Masss. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-jPYvJWgvo&hd=1 It was shot in a special technique in which the lead singer was projected on a squared Plate Beam-splitter in a miniature sets environment that was burnt during the shoot. (full credit list and details about the process are in the video description). Thanks, Yossi. -- Yossi Shamrik | Art Dictator //////////////////////////////////////// www.tabooplus.com
  6. Hi there, I am trying to create light streaks like this sample... I've animated a streak already using 3D stroke but I haven't been able to get that look like it's a comet and there's a light flare on it. Any suggestions to get this done the quickest way would be great. Thank you! http://videohive.net/item/streak-light-effects/164947?ref=Karimspunjani&ref=Karimspunjani&clickthrough_id=59659970&redirect_back=true
  7. This is the new tool that I made to sell in VideoHive site. It's a new way to make 3D animated text on After Effects! Enjoy it
  8. Two weeks ago I made this project, based in a motion graphic video that I saw in a studio website (This video).
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