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Found 4 results

  1. ZorroG


    Hello everyone ! It took about a month for me to make a decision to post my work on mograph, after viewing your amazing showreels. A have never studied graphic, motion or VFX design, I am freelancer cameraman/photographer in Sydney but I've got great passion for Adobe After Effects. I can't go a day without learning it or creating in it. After two years of playing and experimenting, this is what I come up with: https://youtu.be/QT4uFFjVOWI Reason for posting this, is I hope that some of you will look at it and hit me with some constructive criticism. Thank you so much, Zorro Gamarnik
  2. Motion designers - take complete control of your camera animations with Easy Camera for After Effects! http://www.davecurrie.net/downloads/easy-camera Available now from Dave Currie Designs! Time-saving features Include: Precision Controls for rig position, rotation, camera tracking, depth of field, and auto-focus Speed Parameters allow for automatic animation – animate without any keyframes Easily create orbiting and spiraling camera moves around 3D objects Give your animations a hand-held look with organic motion No scripts or plugins required – simply copy and paste the rig into any composition Works great with Trapcode plugins and Video Copilot Optical Flares & Element 3D Low price – it will pay for itself on your very first project!
  3. This is an intro I did for a local financial TV show. Element 3D once again, https://vimeo.com/66066535
  4. https://vimeo.com/50714566 I welcome any feedback. Tim
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