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Found 3 results

  1. Hey guys. I will have an animation using shape layers, only with strokes applied. The strokes are regular shape strokes, but I'd like the to have variable widths. That is easy to do with Illustrator, but no so easy in After Effects. I was thinking in a workaround, and that involved editing frame by frame in illustrator, after exporting the animation, with an Illustrator action. But... I can't find any info if there's support for exporting vector frames. Just like a PNG sequence, but in vector format? Anyone knows how to get around this? Thanks!
  2. So I'm trying to get my camera created by Action Cam from C4D r14 into AE cs6. I can get PSR data through the aec by baking the camera (well technically baking a new camera that uses xpresso to link the action cam camera global matrix to the new camera's global matrix). Now how do I get the focal length across? I've tried getting the focal length and focal distance out of c4d by linking those to the coordinates of another camera (so the x coord is the focal length and y is distance), but I can't route the focal length in AE right. I could get the focal distance to link back that way though. What am I missing?
  3. I have a grid array cloning multiple squares, to form a sort of video wall, which flips between different images. I want to export this whole thing into Nuke so that I can just swap out the texture map in the comp and not have to re-render anything from C4D. I've exported all the animation/camera/geometry and all that works fine in Nuke - the issue is the texture isn't showing correctly in Nuke, like it is in C4D, because the UV's aren't correct. I'm pretty new to C4D, so I just can't figure out a way to bake in the UV's of this video wall so that it can be exported correctly. Has anyone done this before?
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