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Found 8 results

  1. Hello animators, Here's a project we recently finished here at Shotopop. I hope you like it. https://vimeo.com/152547230 Thanks
  2. Hi peeps! I'm Josep Bernaus animator based in London. I'm glad to present you Another Slice. It's a collection of funny sketches of random situations to eat when your mind is rumbling. I created a website with all the sketches or "slices" as I call them Check it out http://anotherslice.tv/ I also start a crowdfunding campaign to produce more sketches, the link is in the website I hope you like it, and don't miss the making of on the website! Thanks for your time! Josep
  3. Doe anyone know any good resources/ tutorials to animate 2D effects like the ones in this video?
  4. The objective of this exercise is to play and learn animation Practicing the basics of the 3d and 2d animation, and play with colors and fx It's just a compilation of exercises ordered as cool as possible, without tryiing to explain a story I hope you like it! music "Play" by Kate Nash
  5. josepbernaus

    704 frames

    704 frames with no briefing, just for fun Music by: Billy Van - Blown Fuse
  6. Hey guys, i've animated a few vectors inside Flash and imported them inside After Effects to apply some filters to it. I've set up the SWF to Continuously Rasterize in After Effects, but when i make the swf larger, it gets a weird crop on the right hand side. Another weird thing is that it only gets this weird crop when i;m previewing on a fullRes, whereas if i preview using half of the resolution or below, it get the full width swf. Does anybody know what might be causing this bug? the screenshots: full res: http://cl.ly/image/320l3H2Q3s2u quarter: http://cl.ly/image/0g0S0u0T3D32 Cheers, Thales Macedo
  7. Hey everyone, do you guys use paint system at all? I've noticed that loads of people are using Flash for frame by frame animation. Why not paint system? I have no experience with it what so ever but I though it would be interesting to hear your opinions. Thanks!
  8. I animated dusty elements in flash and am trying to export the quicktime out so I can bring it into after effects, but the export from flash keeps screwing up. What it's doing is that it will pick a frame and it will hang on it. The whole animation will play through but that one frame will get paused and stay on while the rest of the animation plays through. Does anyone know how to fix that? Better yet, does anyone have any good tips for a flash/after effects workflow? Using flash and after effects 5.5 - both files are set up for 24fps. Only have 24 frames animated in my flash file and it's on an alpha. Have tried an animation codec and png sequence codec in the export. Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind, I've figured it out.
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