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Found 18 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm new here, thought I'd get things started by posting my latest reel! https://vimeo.com/256742344
  2. Freelance Motion Graphics Designer – (In Studio) Start Time: ASAP End Date: June 7th Location: Toronto, Ontario. *Must be available to work in studio* We are seeking a talented freelance motion graphic artist to join our team on a project starting immediately ending on June 7th. RESPONSIBILITIES: · Create visually stunning animations that engage and inspire our audience from conception to development. · Ability to take direction from the Creative Director and work independently as well as part of a team. ESSENTIAL SKILLS: · Proficient in After Effects, Illustrator and Photoshop. · Minimum two year's experience in motion design, animation. To be considered, send a resume and reel immediately to: designresumeto@gmail.com
  3. Hi there! I'm looking for a creative, professional, smart AE freelancer, preferably with their own gear. We're making a series of TVC's in a very wacky Tim & Eric style, so roles will include a lot of greenscreening, puppet tooling, particle effects, lens-flares, a bit of roto, and potentially a bit of vector / cel animation. We'd like to start with a 5 day booking with possibility to extend to 10 days, starting on April 10. Rate is negotiable but this is fully paid. Strong compositing background a plus. Our studio is in Hackney, London. Please email your reels to master, at, battlecatstudios, dot, com ! Thanks in advance AE 4 LIFE
  4. Hi, Looking for a freelance C4D Motion Graphic designer to work on a high end consumer watch product film for the next three weeks starting 6th Feb. Mostly look development work and xParticle animation. If you can work out of our London Studio that's preferred but we are happy with remote workers too. Good rates offered. Email reels to davidh@agilefilms.com Thanks!
  5. I hope so because I just finished another batch, bringing my total up to 60. Getting there but still ways to go. Take a look! If you want to see previous ones, links are in the description on vimeo.
  6. On my current resume, I've only really put places that I worked at for a significant amount of time, but should I be putting freelance projects on there too? I work full-time at a studio currently, but as I'm looking for new work, my resume doesn't reflect jobs I've done outside of that. Is there a good way to list projects in a separate section of my resume? I know there are a lot of places that don't necessarily look at resumes anymore, mostly just reels and portfolios, but some places have asked for a resume, and I get nervous thinking it's a bit too thin... Cheers!
  7. Don't suppose anyone knows what the going rates for freelance 2D afx/3D work are in Brasil/Sao Paulo/Rio? I'm an artist (anyone who's seen my reel would know I use the term gingerly) not a godammned business guy... Any ideas?
  8. Hey Guys. Just a quick question on how you would answer this. I've just relocated to Australia and I keep getting asked what my rates are in this format. It may be a standard freelance format but I am new to it. I am not asking how much I should charge I am asking what format I put it in. So say for Example I charge $50ph so for a 8 hour day I would get paid $400 per day... so if I multiple that by say 20 days in a given month I get $8000. This is just an example. I don't make 8k a month, but I am open to offers Cheers Liam
  9. Hi Everyone I need some advice, I'm up for an editor position at a small produciton company in Los Angeles. They do end to end commercial production for some pretty big lifestyle brands, lots of commerials, some sizzles, web and event coverage with budgets around $80,00 to $450,000. I have been freelance the last three years and they are seeking a fulltime editor. They want someone good (not assistant level) and they pretty much offereed me the job ( I have 5+ yrs experience, expert at FCP AE, and C4d, previous lead and post-sup experience), They want to talk salary and after freelancing for so long and having such wide flucuations in my yearly net, I'm a little lost on what is the going fulltime post salary. IMO multiplying your daily or hourly rate by days or estimated fulltime hours is not going to be accurate. What's the typical salary range at a place like this in Los Angeles? My assumption is the low end at similar places with my skills is $75,000, is that way off? Any adive is appreciated!... Thanks
  10. patches

    Fast or Good?

    I'm taking a poll: quick and dirty or slow and clean? (this is in regards to motion work, but I'm open to all responses!)
  11. I would love to relocate to the area but have no experience of it. I'm not sure where to start looking for agencies/companies for design work... I've been working in a creative agency for the past 5 years in London as a graphics generalist - motion graphics, branding etc and now I'm looking for a fresh 'sunnier' challenge! If anyone has any advice or pointers I would really appreciate it ! Please check out my work.... dylanlategan.com
  12. MMMMOTION.COM NEW Reel 2013 http://mmmmotion.com/ currently available for freelance projects! Thanx.
  13. Whats the best project management software out there for an individual? I'm looking for an all in one solution that can help me schedule projects/organise my time as well as my finances... I was looking at Skylightit.com but is there anything else out there (free)?
  14. Currently I am staff at a company that has merged a number of times and has seen better days over the past few years. I am contemplating the idea of going freelance in order to hone my craft and ultimately have the chance to do better work within the realm of Motion Graphics / 3D. I have my own reservations about this though as I have been working with the same team for quite a while now. The only reason I can justify staying where I am at is that it is a steady job with good pay and the office relationships. Some questions for any New York City based freelancers: 1) Have any of you started staff somewhere and made the transition to a successful freelancer, and if so how did it shakeout with your employer at the time? 2) How did you market yourself in order to get booked on jobs at different shops? 3) What applications did you specialize in at the time, and did you change any of your skill sets once you made that jump to being a freelancer? As of right now I use AfterEffects and Cinema4D most days. Though I have been teaching myself XSI and have been using it on some home projects as well as some basic Nuke. In the long run I want to get more into commercials either on the 3d or Compositing side of things. Have a look at my site / reel: www.semifiction.tv Any input helps. Thanks!
  15. It looks like I might be doing an animation on how to insert an earphone. It should be 30 seconds long, and I'll probably be doing it in 3D. What would you guys charge for something like this? 2D? 3D? (this is only my second freelance gig)
  16. Hi all. I'm curious to hear whether people think it's a bad thing to use a fictitious name on your portfolio site if you're an individual freelancer. In the past, I had always thought it was not only kind of cheesy to brand yourself as a studio if you're just one person looking to do in-house work, but it also makes you look like "the competition." Recently, though, I'm not so sure anymore. I'm doing a lot of work from home for remote clients, and for these projects I can see how using my DBA would make me look more professional. Also, my DBA includes my last name, so I'm still identifying myself. Just don't want to turn off the studios I want to work for in-house. Thoughts?
  17. So i applied for a freelance job recently, and i'm a bit unsure about it. Basically, the company has said they're interested in hiring me but would like me to come in and do a "test" for a "couple of hours." Naturally, this seems very odd (i've been working for 4-5 years now and never had this). Anyone had this before? Any advice?
  18. Do work from home/remotely motion graphics jobs exist? It seems like most of the jobs I see online ask you to be local or relocate.
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