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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, wanna make something to extrude? Cool, why don't you try that bezier tool? Yeah, it could work like Illustrator, but fuck you. Oh, is that axis totally in the way? Cool, why don't you dive through this disconnected menu system to change that every single time you wan... or just fuck you. Buddy, you want to round these two corners out, don't you? Lookit, I got a chamfer tool for you, it's real slick. Try it, it's gonna unnecessarily straighten out the curves you already drew cuz fuck you in your butt face. You wanna pull a curve off of this point without screwing up the... NOOOOPE fuck you, dummy. You tryin to figure out which key is the right modifier to NOT fuck up your curve? Haha, I switched 'em on you, stupid, keep trying, it entertains me. Oh you're thinking about closing the points on that mangled piece of artwork by drawing back to the first poin NO YOU ASSTARD you do that shit wwwaaaaay the fuck over here in a rad little checkbox. You can't handle that? Get it? Handle? I made a pun cuz I like fucking with you. I also made a preset flower shape for you, cuz it's super useful all of the time, for every project, ass.
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