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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'd like to share with you guys flow/er, the latest personal project from me and Alexa Sirbu. Also, here the research and development that went into it: Thank you!
  2. handsome

    Hansome Reel

    Hi guys, I used to frequent this forum back in the day. Here is a reel for my company based in LA: http://handsome.website/reel/ thanks for watching!
  3. mttsmmnds


    New work for The Telegraph: http://mattsimmonds.tv/work/spark/ Directed by me, design direction and animation from Weareseventeen and audio from Zelig.
  4. helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training Volume 2 April 1st, 2014 Sydney, Australia helloluxx now offer Houdini Training to compliment their traditionally C4D based portfolio and in this Volume 2 offering (learn. Houdini Jumpstart Vol.2: Copy/Stamping), Adam Swaab explores the copy sop and ways to add variation to multiple objects in a scene. Adam shows how to use template points as a basis for copying objects, how to use attributes to control the scale, rotation and colour of those objects, how to use stamp expressions to add variation to the objects and how to take this knowledge to the next level, by creating a basic prototype of a forest of growing l-system trees, where each tree is a completely unique procedurally generated tree. let’s learn. Have fun with it guys!
  5. helloluxx release Houdini Jumpstart Training Hey Mographers helloluxx now offer Houdini Training to compliment their traditionally C4D based portfolio. In this Volume 1 offering (Houdini Jumpstart: Intro to Procedural Modelling) Adam Swaab delivers a tutorial that explores the procedural nature of Houdini, showing how one model of a chair can easily be turned into thousands of unique models with just a few button clicks. This tutorial series is beginner level and assumes no prior knowledge of Houdini. Adam Swaab is a Director and VFX artist based in Los Angeles. His work spans the mediums of film, television, and web. He is currently a Creative Director at Wolf & Crow. Come and check it out! Cheers, Tim
  6. Hey all, Just thought I would share this with the Cinema 4D community. I started out in the 3d world using C4D and then combined a lot of my work in Cinema with designs from other sotwares like maya and houdini. And I wanted to share some of the results and hear what people think about my work.
  7. I am very happy to announce my first tutorial produced for CMIVFX. Here's a summary: Houdini Connections Houdini is not just for visual effects. With the availability of Houdini for all platforms and the variety of training materials now available, Houdini is making headway into the world of motion graphics. The procedural nature of Houdini, combined with its powerful dynamics system, make Houdini an important player in visualizing data and allowing graphic artists to express themselves in new and powerful ways. In this tutorial series we are going to look at a current design trend - data connections - and build a procedural system in Houdini to accomplish this task while harnessing all the additional benefits Houdini has to offer. We'll learn how to draw connections between relational points of data (in this case, by proximity), create text readouts of the data, and combine this system with Houdini's dynamics network. At the end of the tutorial, the viewer will know how to create a reusable digital asset to handle this effect, and hopefully learn a few new tricks along the way! NOTICE TO VIEWERS: This video is going to be the gateway for cmiVFX to open up to new markets outside of the standard high end visual effects and computer graphics vertical markets by adding motion graphics design videos to its library. Seamless transition will be achieved for those migrating from film and gaming to broadcast media. You can check out the tutorial here: http://cmivfx.com/tutorials/view/421/Houdini+Connections For those of you not familiar with CMIVFX, they are one of the leading content producers for high end tutorials. I personally find their content to be excellent, and I am happy to be included as one of their mentors. I hope those of you who purchase the tutorial will feel the same way.
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