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Found 9 results

  1. How's the work in SD? I'm most likely moving out that way next year, and wondering how hard it's gonna be to find work. Obviously there's a lot a few hours north, but commuting is out of the question for the most part.
  2. Hey, Contemplating a move to New Zealand in the next few months. Currently based in Melbourne but really just wanting too know what the scene is like over there? I've read that the bulk of the work is in Auckland which is fine and I was wanting to know if it was over saturated? I tend to do mostly after effects work with a little 3D. Any good ad agencies worth contacting etc? www.liamcarlin.com Cheers Liam
  3. Hey Guys! Im Martin from Germany and im going to be jobless in juli 2014. At the moment im finishing my traineeship as an Audio Visual Media designer, it took 3 Years. For everyone who dont know what it is, its a system in germany where you work 3 days in a week, and go 2 days to school. After 3 years you have your exams and you are an official Designer and so on. In my job it was mainly after effects work and camera operation. My Passion is Motion Graphics, means i work with AE and C4D. Since im going to be Jobless and i see alot of job offerings outside of germany, i wonder how i could call myself? Am I an Motion Graphics Designer or 3D Artist or other names for it? Down you see my beta of my Demoreel what i will finish to send applications. I would be very glad if you could watch my reel, and tell me on what job openings i could apply. I Love broadcast design, i love to build fictional domes, like you will see in the reel within the first 3 sequences. I could imagin even to work in the architectural part of 3D and so on. Im excited to see your post! Thanks! Reel:
  4. Howdy folks, I moved to the Philadelphia area from LA several months ago, looking to meet fellow mograph people, hear some war stories and find a gig. Maybe even start a Meetup. Anyone out there?
  5. This was brought up in another thread, but I thought we could expand on it here. How big is the mograph community? USA and global? 500? 5000? Has anyone seen any real data on this lately? And no, I don't know exactly how to define this (if they use AE, # of C4D licences, etc...) because I don't know how whoever may have collected data on this has defined things.
  6. hey everyone, I don't know why it's taken 6 months to post here, but I'm in a terrible rut and I need some help. Any feedback, leads, tips, advice, empathy, anecdotes, etc helps. A few months back I moved to NY from california, right after finishing school: studying motion graphics — quite successfully (deans list, valedictorian, etc.). And since then it has been somewhat of a nightmare trying to freelance and find bookings. A friend of mine has helped me (a ton!) find at least two or three bookings, which have all been very successful. But other than a few sparse lucky chances, it's been dry. Too dry. I don't know where to look, whom to e-mail, or how to get my foot in the door. So my question is, what piece am I missing here in finding work? I'm still super new, and obviously have a lot to learn and work to build up my portfolio, but I work really (really) hard and I have a great attitude. Those latter words don't have any weight, and I just don't know how to turn them into bookings, and portfolio pieces. It's super super stressful not having any work — seriously, the stress and anxiety have begun to take their toll — but I'm just not ready to quit. here's a link to my reel/portfolio site: http://hellopatches.com/SPRING-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEL thank you!!
  7. I am aware that LA and NY, among a few other US cities, are the hottest places for motion graphics, but I was wondering about internationally based companies. Where else in the world are these mograph hubs? What big name companies operate elsewhere? I am still in school, and I would just like to get a sense of where else one can go to find work and strong community. cloud
  8. Hey guys Im a graduate motion designer, who's basically struggling to get into anywhere and so Im considering just going away for 6 months, while working a part time job in a bar or something and sorting my work and reel out. That said, the economy is in pieces here in Britain, finding jobs is hard and I figure I would get everyone's 2pence before making the life change. So what do you think of my reel and if you have some time my work. Be honest, I can take it. Regards and thanks Wheels
  9. So i applied for a freelance job recently, and i'm a bit unsure about it. Basically, the company has said they're interested in hiring me but would like me to come in and do a "test" for a "couple of hours." Naturally, this seems very odd (i've been working for 4-5 years now and never had this). Anyone had this before? Any advice?
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