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Found 1 result

  1. hey everyone, I don't know why it's taken 6 months to post here, but I'm in a terrible rut and I need some help. Any feedback, leads, tips, advice, empathy, anecdotes, etc helps. A few months back I moved to NY from california, right after finishing school: studying motion graphics — quite successfully (deans list, valedictorian, etc.). And since then it has been somewhat of a nightmare trying to freelance and find bookings. A friend of mine has helped me (a ton!) find at least two or three bookings, which have all been very successful. But other than a few sparse lucky chances, it's been dry. Too dry. I don't know where to look, whom to e-mail, or how to get my foot in the door. So my question is, what piece am I missing here in finding work? I'm still super new, and obviously have a lot to learn and work to build up my portfolio, but I work really (really) hard and I have a great attitude. Those latter words don't have any weight, and I just don't know how to turn them into bookings, and portfolio pieces. It's super super stressful not having any work — seriously, the stress and anxiety have begun to take their toll — but I'm just not ready to quit. here's a link to my reel/portfolio site: http://hellopatches.com/SPRING-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEL thank you!!
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