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Found 4 results

  1. Hi. I'm looking for some inspirational spots where live action footage turns into a still or drawing which transitions into a different world. I'm not sure if there's a certain term for this technique. Please let me know if you know any good examples. Thanks!
  2. Hi, We are Morphika, a young motion design studio in Barcelona, and we are proud to announce our first project. It's a main titles piece for Fiu Barcelona ( http://fiubcn.com/ ). This event is created for push the new creative generations. The place where studens looking for inspirations and references may adress their concerns for the future, as well as a hub companies interested in the creative-hunting can discover the great creative talent. The concept behind this titles was a metaphor of breaking the egg, it's a metaphor of born and became something. Therefore, we can observe different eggs that have graphical propieties direclty related with the different students. We can see the conceptual, mecanical o artistical characteristics depending of each egg. Hope you like, Just take a look we love feedbacks! Cheers, https://vimeo.com/96469710
  3. Hey Guys So I wondered how difficult would it be to make my own Transformers film,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, well here is the trailer for my 'Age of Extinction' film. http://youtu.be/Oc8XfhaqyWs It will have a running time of about ten minutes when its finished, there are over 150 VFX shots incorporated to which post production is still underway. The finished film will be ready to view in June just before the bigger budget Michael Bay film is released. For any Transformers fans I hope it proves entertaining enough to enjoy the viewing experience. This has been made to learn new VFX techniques, and have some fun to! Feel free to subscribe to my channel should you wish to be notified when the final film is posted. Thanks
  4. Hey guys! Just posted a new skit from the same guys from the Hot Dog Lady skit. I shot, edited, animated and graded the video, everything except post audio. It was a quick turnaround as well. We pulled this off in 10 days. Take a look and let me know what you think. Please LIKE the video and their facebook page... Cheers! Chris
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