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Found 14 results

  1. SO MAT LIB 001 Is a high quality, easy to use production proof material library for Coronarender for Cinema 4D. The library contains all the textures as well as the optimum quality settings in each material. Create unique 3D art and motion graphics with this carefully crafted material library. SALE SALE SALE Buy the library for 25$ until this Friday only!!! Buy and find out more at: http://strangerobjects.neosushi.net/?page_id=648
  2. At http://www.cc0textures.com/home you can download free textures and materials. " Free PBR materials, no attribution required! " (PBR = Physically based rendering) Currently they have 97 materials. They're high res and the preview images look quite promising. Haven't tried them myself yet.
  3. Figured I'd post some of the new stuff up here! Mograph specific videos at the top, more generic (but still useful for mograph, promise!) videos at the bottom. Changing mograph materials: Beginner video on how to do 3D logos Using the take system to make multiple versions of a project for picky clients: And lastly how to set C4D up to work faster and be less annoying:
  4. Hey guys, So I am having a problem with getting an alpha channel on a texture that is camera projected inside of Arnold. I can get the image to have transparency with a regular texture along the railing....but I cant duplicate that process for when I need to camera map onto the geometry in the background. The plane on the left with the green behind it is just showing that there is transparency along the top of the photo, and that the alpha channel is working. But above the green texture, that same railing does not have transparency, when the texture needs to be camera projected. Any advise? https://www.dropbox.com/s/8b419a5wog90s9k/Projection_Mapping_Alpha_Issue.jpg?dl=0
  5. If you want to learn the basics of VRay materials and how they work without doing endless reading, just follow along and quickly learn. It's everything we wish we knew when we started with VRay. Answers to all the initial questions we had about setting up materials. This will demystify the ins and outs, the settings, and the "how do I's."
  6. This is the "missing manual" for getting started. If you want to learn the basics of Octane materials and how they work without doing endless reading, just follow along and quickly learn. It's everything we wish we knew when we started with Octane. Answers to all the initial questions we had about setting up materials and tags. This will demystify the ins and outs, the settings, and the "how do I's."
  7. Hey Everyone, We've just released a free materials pack by Donovan Keith that's loaded with Cinema 4D metal materials that leverage R16's Reflectance. This pack includes 17 ready-to-use materials that enable you to effortlessly add metal textures to your objects. It includes: • Aluminum • Radial Brushed Aluminum • Rough Cast Aluminum • Warped Chrome • Copper • Radial Brushed Copper • Rough Cast Copper • Gold • Rough Cast Gold • Rough Cast Silver • Steel Material • Large, Medium, and Small Brush Steel • Pitted Steel Material • Rough Cast Steel These materials are great for SciFi looks, sports motion graphics, or even texturing pots and pans. Just download and install the library into your content browser. Then drag the materials onto any objects you want to texture. You can download and install this pack with just a few clicks using CV-Toolbox. Check it out: Cinema 4D Reflectance Metal Materials Preset The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  8. Hi, I would like to create this texture for an object which has a noise pattern in the color and luminance, but I want it to look the same size no matter where the camera is. Is that possible? Noise from too close looks awful, and from too far is not visible, I want its dots to be always the size of 1 pixel. Thanks, Pau
  9. General C4D texture management question ... I frequently have this issue where, upon re-opening a project file, many of the textures cannot reconnect since they are inside lib4d packs (GSG textures, for instance, but Motion Squared 'Texture Pack Infinite' materials specifically). Am I doing something horribly wrong? I can't get inside of the lib4d files to relink the missing textures ... I've found that saving the project (collecting all of the assets) resolves this issue, as it copies the material's source images from the lib4d file to your tex folder, but I don't want to save a new project w/ assets every single time I grab a material from one of these packs. I appreciate any help anyone is able to give! screen cap of texture manager: http://i43.tinypic.com/nmajcw.jpg
  10. Originally sold for $100, the best selling product from the Motion Squared shop is now free for everyone. Enjoy! Get it here
  11. Hi Guys, I posted some medical/organic inspired shader's for Cinema 4D to my blog after working on a recent Medical Demo Animation - Thought someone might find them useful! Head on over and grab them here
  12. So if I have the words "Lets Go!" in Motext and I desire that "Lets" is in Green and Go is in Orange. Would there be a way to setup this with little headache? Or is it one of those, it has to be made editable to be able to do this. Reason being is I have the text flying in with a plain effector and its just so easy right now to not have to change up anything. Thanks for any input. Cheers!
  13. Kmksunfire


    Hey all, I just dipped in to C4d, finally. for some reason I have seem to lost my material manager...? when I go to window to reveal nothing happens. I can see where the window should be, but when I make new materials, they don't show up.. Anybody experience this?
  14. OK! Hey fellas... I modeled a dice...using a cube, and a bunch of sphere's...all placed disecting the geometry in the cube in their proper positions. Placed EVERYTHING into a Bool A-B...and as long as I have a solid material on the cube...I have my dice! the problem arises when I try and put a red transparent material onto the cube (ya know...like a REAL casino dice) i can see the cut outs of the other sphere's clear through the die... I know if it's transparent... I SHOULD be able to see the divits on the other sides...but this doesn't look quite right. If anyone has any lighting/compositing/material advice...I would greatly appreciate it. And since I'm a newbie...if anyone wants to let me know how to post some screen shots, I would be more than happy to do so just so you guys (and gals) could see how I have things set up. Merry Christmas! Greg http://Rescueskier1970.imgur.com/all/
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