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Found 17 results

  1. Hey guys, I've been following some of the threads on this forum and thought I'd decide to contribute. Here is a music video I made in my spare time, using Cinema 4D and After Effects. https://vimeo.com/277681369 Here's a breakdown on my Behance page: https://www.behance.net/gallery/67449521/Bare-My-Soul-Music-Video The band is called Empathy Test, who surprisingly decided to share it on their social channels! Hope you enjoy
  2. Hello! This is a music video for Swedish techno veteran Johan Afterglow. Trapcode Particular bonanza. It looks and sounds, well, like a techno video.
  3. Hey guys! Newbie member here. Love it already. I really wanted to get some thoughts on this film I made. It's about a love affair between an anonymous lurker and a dancing internet sex demon (slightly NSFW): A bit more info : This started as a typical no-client, self-promotion fan-made music video but as time wore on I started using it to project other ideas onto and it became more a of a mutant neither-this-nor-that sort've clusterfuck of mixed intentions. Maybe you can relate. I was burning to tell a story, but I'm a motion graphics guy by day so I really have no clue how to tell a story. Rollercoaster designer, right Sagmeister? Still, I find it interesting trying to adapt the skills and knowledge I do have into forming some kind of narrative, so I thought I'd try getting this basic story across just using interface design and interaction. I'd say it has limited success as a story but I am planning to recut this into a more manageable length so I'd love to hear any thoughts you have watching it. I really fascinated with glitch effects, deep-web culture, data corruption, and moral corruption. I guess I liked the link between the two; a filthy pixelated data-stream from the seventh level of hell. Event Horizon was very formative for me. I tried making this end in redemption though, but I don't feel the redemption at all, it all feels a little flat. I've probably spent too much time making this. Oh, also, a word of advice, don't make a self-promotion piece that ends up being NSFW and full of bizarre sexual undertones unless you want to baffle and alienate all of your clients. Whoops. Thanks for your time!
  4. Hello! Here is a music video we just finished - http://www.nylonguysmag.com/video-premiere-kiev-be-gone-dull-cage/ Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Made this for a friend's instrumental sci-fi horror project, The Slasher Film Festival Strategy. A little live action, but mostly animated with Cinema 4d. Only one scene made in After Effects Obviously my skills are somewhat limited but am proud to say I made this
  6. This is a music video I did with a couple friends a few years ago. I directed, animated/composited everything. Enjoy!
  7. Hey Guys, Thought I'd share up on here my latest reel for 2012, feel free to let me know what you think: https://vimeo.com/39984368 Best, - Kyle
  8. Hey guys! Long time since I have been around these parts. I just finished post on my newest project called Hot Dog Lady. It is a music video/sketch comedy for a trio called We're Still Friends. These guys are simply hilarious. All comments are welcome, I can take it... I hope you enjoy it! Although it is like on mograph, it was a challenge because directing is a whole new ballgame. Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and COMMENT if you can... Chris Abbey crabbey.com
  9. my latest music video “Fistful of Silence” for The Glitch Mob is online: Your comments and feedback is as always very much appreciated! For more info and full credits go to my website: http://markusfeder.c...ful-of-silence/ Cheers, Markus
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K401thqIL28 This is a music video I made for the song "Bodies" by the Saskatchewan band Slow Down Molasses. I hope you all enjoy it, and please feel free to let me know of anything you feel could be improved. I'll be releasing it in Stereoscopic 3D next week and would like to remedy anything that needs remedying with enough time to render it out. Thank you for your time and Suggestions Best Andrei
  11. Long-time lurker here... I use both motion graphics and VJ software, but until now have been mostly participating within various VJ forums, and figure that it's a good time to change. After just finishing a micro-budget music video, I've posted over at skynoise.net a small piece about using VDMX, Syphon + After Effects together. VDMX is powerful real-time video software you can use with midi knobs and sliders of a midi controller, and Syphon is a newish protocol for easily sending video between applications ( eg to Syphon recorder for real-time HD recording ). This can be really great for customising some material for use within the likes of After Effects. It's not bleeding edge or anything, but I'm increasingly happy about the state of video capabilities these days. If the post resonates in any way, I'd be curious to hear about it.. ( Or direct link to vimeo clip, if you want to leave a comment there.... any feedback about the animation itself very welcomed / craved.. as the post explains, it had to be done in a short time, with some wonky green screen footage... )
  12. So here's a Music video I made. I incorporated a few different techniques while making it, I think they blend together quite well. I'd be interested in hearing any opinions, or ways you think it could be improved upon so I can apply it to future projects. Even if you really like it any way you think it could be better is welcome and encouraged. I just want to get better. Anyway here it is. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJrXTX4urt0 Hope you enjoy. It took about 300 hours to do and I took about 3000 photos...about 2000 of which actually made it to the final video. I'd be happy to answer any questions.
  13. http://vimeo.com/lawebdecanada I'm trying to keep an open mind here but so far its just been a bunch of hipster shit for 2 years now. Throw a bunch of random stuff in front of the camera with a few arbitrarily naked girls, and BAM! "AMAZING FUCKING VIDEO!!" I don't get it.
  14. Here is a video I recently cut for LA hiphop duo King Fantastic. The video was shot on RED at 4k and I cut it on FCP. I also did a fair amount of the compositing in the video in After Effects and FCP. Special Effects shots were handled by Justice FX, however I handled the overlay effects. I also created some digital prism effects that augment and enhance the practical ones that were used on set. Check out the vimeo page for a list of the full credits for the video.
  15. Wow Mograph has been all polished since ive been gone. After working away on it after work and in between other projects for the past 3 or 4 months I have just completed a Music video for a good friend, New Zealand singer song writer Timothy Blackman. It was a big step into filming and directing people, learning a lot along the way so Im happy with it in that regard. Filmed In Lofoten Island over 6 days and In Olso, Norway over several months. Check it out if you are into driving music and deep thoughts, or hovering radios. @@AlistairCheyne
  16. Hey everyone, i am looking for a music video, which had an effect similar to this spiral clock. There was a guy who also did a tutorial on it. can you remember whats the name of the effect, or even better can you point me to the tutorial? Much obliged Lemar
  17. Recently finished a stop motion animated music video. Please check it out! Cheers! Kelly www.purpleriot.com
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