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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys and gals, So im stumped on how to create this random animation without having to do it by hand. The project is as follows: I have extruded text that has been cut up into blocks and each block has a different word on it created with motext. There are about 150 blocks total and each block/text is in their own null. I want to use a plain/random effector to distribute the blocks from the sky to the ground in a stacking order. When I try to set all the blocks in a fracture object and apply the effectors (with fracture object set to explode segments) the text disconnects from its block. Do i really need to connect and delete each block down to one object or is there a work around? Thanks, J
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to join various bits of animation under a parent null, similar to after effects, but every time I attach the animations they "break". The stoplights in the coordinate manager turn yellow, though I haven't actually changed any parameters. This is being done in C4D. Is it even possible to group elements after having animated them? I was sure I'd seen this technique in reference to camera animations, but maybe I missed a step? I've attached an example file. The box on the left is the one I'd like to move as a group. The group on the right is the one with the unwanted offset breaking the animation. http://dl.dropbox.co...l%20example.c4d
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