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Found 2 results

  1. Okay, so i have a stack of speakers that has a dynamics tag applied to the cloner object that creates the stack of speakers. I have simulated, set initial state on the tags and baked all...so now i want to create a plain effector to animate up and down to make them bounce in a toon like manner but when I add the plain effector the rigid body tag with the baked dynamics seems to override it. Does anyone know if this is possible to do or if i'm stuck. My original plan was not to go this route but I was asked to add a bounce, this seemed to me like the best route but i seem to be stuck at the moment. Thanks, Cory
  2. So if I have the words "Lets Go!" in Motext and I desire that "Lets" is in Green and Go is in Orange. Would there be a way to setup this with little headache? Or is it one of those, it has to be made editable to be able to do this. Reason being is I have the text flying in with a plain effector and its just so easy right now to not have to change up anything. Thanks for any input. Cheers!
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