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Found 12 results

  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a really good camera shake plugin or script in AE? I've used the Red Giant universe one, and of course have done the common wiggle(), but am still really unhappy with the results—it always feels inorganic. The best camera shakes I've found are for Premiere, and are footage based—it would be amazing to find shakes of this caliber as a similarly one-click solution for the AE camera.
  2. Hi community, i recently coded a plugin mainly for my own use and finally decided to share it with you all I found the native C4D Stage Object to be quite unhandy when it comes to scene cuts between different scenes, lighting environments etc in the viewport. With this plugin you can add null objects under which you add your "scene content" and activate/deactivate them via the interface. If you add camera Nulls the Camera under the null gets automatically activated/deactivated. Let me know if you find this useful or if you find any bugs. I tested it on WIN/MAC R15-R17. I am also thinking about making a video tutorial. 123 Stage Greetings from Hamburg! Martin
  3. Hey Everyone, We just released CV-Splines to Objects, a set of plugins by Donovan Keith that speeds up the process of converting splines into polygonal objects. CV-Splines to Objects include: CV-Extrude Splines: Extrudes multiple splines in a single click. Intelligently names your objects. Don't sweat the small stuff, let us. CV-Lathe Splines: Lathe objects in context. No need to reposition your reference to world-center, or only lathe around World Y. Lathe multiple objects where you want them to be, but give each it's own object for easier texturing. CV-Sweep Splines: Select multiple splines to easily sweep them with an N-Side polygon in a single click. Use the Scale after sweeping to adjust the pipe radius by eye. CV-Convert to Loft: Select splines in space, and then loft them. Stop trying to differentiate between 15 splines named Spline.7. CV-Render Splines: Make your splines renderable with a single-click. CV-Splines to Objects is exclusively available to Cineversity premium members through the CV-Toolbox. Check it out: CV-Splines to Objects The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  4. I'm pleased to announce that after months of feedback, testing, research and development, CGPlugins.com is now officially live! CGPlugins.com (Computer Graphics Plugins) is a website designed for developers to promote their computer-graphics related plugins & scripts, for free, so as to draw attention, improve product visibility and increase SEO ranking through linking to their official product homepage. For users, it serves as a massive repository of the world’s greatest CG software collection, all housed under one roof. As a developer: Frustrated at your lack of promotional options? You’ve just spent months of development on your greatest software to date. Now you want the world to see it but forums don’t allow software promotion, news sites are highly selective in what articles they carry and websites charge absurd fees to have your product featured. Banner ads require costly click-through rates while magazine ads can charge upwards of thousands of dollars for limited exposure. The truth is, developers have few and limited options when it comes to showcasing their work from both a practical and financial standpoint. CGPlugins.com intends to fill that gap by providing developers with a full-feature software submission website loaded with promotional tools designed for developers to get their product out there! Upload your content and link your post to your product page for increased traffic, wider visibility and higher SEO ranking. As a user: Tired of searching through endless resources for specific plugins or scripts? Found the tool you want but can’t download it without registering or paying a membership fee? As a digital artist, you use a combination of CG software so why doesn’t any site categorize all of them together? CGPlugins.com aims to fix that by ultimately providing one of the largest databases of conglomerated industry plugins and scripts under one roof. The gorgeous, fully-responsive masonry style layout makes it easy and fun to browse through the products while powerful filtering options quickly narrow down results with a click of the button. A lightning-fast search engine coupled with a live search tool provide instant and immediate feedback. Detailed product meta info lets you know about software versions, OS compatibility and cost so you can grab the right tool for your pipeline, quickly and effortlessly. Find the software you want, when you want it. CGPlugins.com is 100% free! If you are a CG software developer or a digital artist looking for a repository of the world's best CG plugins & scripts, sign up now at CGPlugins.com and start promoting your products today! Visit CGPlugins.com now! --
  5. Hey Everyone, We've just released a new set of workflow-enhancing Cinema 4D plugins from Donovan Keith called CV-OM. The "OM" in CV-OM stands for Object Management; which is the focus of this toolset. With CV-OM, you can save massive amounts of time working with large groups of objects as well as setting up Object Buffers. CV-OM includes: • CV-Add to New Object Buffer: Quickly set up Object Buffer tags and render settings for selected objects.CV-Hide/Show Object Toggle: Takes your selected objects and deactivates their editor and renderer visibility. If a selected object is a generator, it will get turned off to speed up your scene calculation. • CV-Lock Object Toggle: Adds a protection tag to your object in a click. • CV-Toggle SDS Objects: Toggles on/off all subdivision surfaces in your scene. • CV-Randomize Object Colors: Randomizes the colors of either all objects or any selected objects. Helpful for when you want to easily see the different parts of an imported object and understand its geometry. • CV-Localize Material/Texture Tag: Takes a material that is applied to multiple objects and allows you easily customize it for an individual object. • CV-Texture Tag Toggle: Quickly disables and restores texture tags on your objects. • CV-Add Each to New Layer: Easily add many objects to a layer. • CV-Select Similar Objects: Selects any objects that are of the same type as the one initially selected. • CV-Select Parent: Selects the parents of the selected objects. • CV-Select Siblings: Selects the siblings of any selected objects. • CV-Select Cousins: Very useful for well-structured hierarchies. It selects all objects at the same depth as the object selected. • CV-Select Similar Tags: Selects all tags of the same type as the originally selected tag. • CV-Select Tags: Selects all of the tags applied to the selected object. • CV-Select Tag's Object: Selects the objects that selected tags are applied to. You can download and install these tools with just a few clicks using CV-Toolbox. Take a look at CV-Object Manager Tools (CV-OM) in action. CV-OM is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members. The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  6. Hey Everyone, Cineversity just released CV Toolbox: a free new plugin by Rick Barrett that adds a unified installer for Cineversity and select third-party plugins, scripts and presets to CINEMA 4D's interface. With CV Toolbox, you'll be automatically notified of new or updated resources and be able to install them with just a few clicks. Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaylist/cv_toolbox The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  7. R15 versions of: keyMATE pCONNECTOR plaMATE splineGLIDE texiDRIVER texiX xreTIME found at: tcastudios -> xfiles Cheers Lennart
  8. Mographers might want to Check out, Voxygen.. and Texture Remapper,. both of which have been developed with mograph users in mind. More stuff on my site, including some free plugins. I would love to give away some free licenses.so, If anyone has a good idea for a competition or similar, I am all ears regards
  9. SteadyCAMPRO v3.4 and SteadyBAKE v1.4 updates because of R15 SDK changes. Via my sign -> xfiles Trivia, as these are COFFEE plugins they should run in C4D Lite as well Cheers Lennart
  10. Howdy Mograph, We have just released our first plugin for Cinema 4D, Scenery. We are offering a $20 off coupon at checkout: GOBRUINS. The code is good until Monday, and then the regular price is $49. Scenery is designed to make seamless backgrounds REALLY easily, and is set up to give you a ton of options to play with. It does a lot of things behind the scenes to optimize the floor and sky in your scene to create a smooth cyclorama-type of scene, but can also be used to create photorealistic environments. We've included a bunch of 16K skymaps that are custom for the plugin, and you can load your own images in as well. Lots of info and a demo on our site. Scenery from School of Motion We really hope it's helpful. Comments / suggestions are totally welcome. Thanks! joey
  11. Hey where can I find an AE CS6 plugin, or preset for synthetic aperture/looks/colorista/etc plugin, to simulate color blindness like PS CS6 has?
  12. Hello all, I'm having net render issues stemming from a phantom plugin in my scene. I didn't personally add any plugins, but there may have been one in a model/scene i merged into the project. Regardless, I don't have any plugins on my system, so I get the following error when I open the project. Several plugins used in this scene are missing. Saving may cause loss of plugin data! Plugin 'Group' (ID 1016210) It doesn't seem to effect my scene as long as I'm rendering on my machine alone. However, it gets in the way in Net Render (net render won't even begin rendering the scene on any machine). I don't know of anyway to locate which objects in my scene may be making reference to said plugin. I'm assuming deleting that reference will get me good to go, much like deleting or replacing a missing texture. Anyone have any tips? I'm desperately trying to get this scene rendering as it's a bit of a beast and want to waste as little time as possible to get it going. thanks! Ryan Kehn
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