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Found 7 results

  1. handsome

    Hansome Reel

    Hi guys, I used to frequent this forum back in the day. Here is a reel for my company based in LA: http://handsome.website/reel/ thanks for watching!
  2. Hi there, I'm really happy to present my newly updated portfolio site, created from a simple wordpress theme: www.jordipages.com Would be really happy If you have a quick visit and let me know if you consider it responsive / adaptive or any other point that might be worth mentioning. Thanks a lot in advance! Best Jordi
  3. Hi everyone, I just updated my reel, crits welcome. http://www.stooch.tv/ thanks.
  4. Ginz


    Hi, I am new to this forum, a late bloomer... I will appreciate any thoughts on my last project: Thanks.
  5. hey guys take a look at my last personal project http://www.behance.net/galler...y-/4049741 Hope you like it! best, D. the project on vimeo
  6. Hey fellow MoGraph friends. I have started to do a quick animation for a friend of mine. It involves siver and gold coins dropping, bouncing up off the floor, then I did a time scale stop as the camera continues to move around, before crashing back down. I was wondering if there is any kind soul out there who could help me accomplish something using Realflow AND C4D. Instead of just having the coins bounce back to the floor, I'd like to try and see if I can get them to melt/liquify...and them form gold and silver bars on the floor. only been using C4D for 2 years now...but I see myself getting better at it...Realflow is VERY new to me, but i can already import my mesh from C4D into Realflow. I am including the link to this quick animation on my Vimeo page so anyone who can help can see what I'm trying to get accomplished: https://vimeo.com/41033443 Thanks in advance! Greg
  7. Howdy folks! I've been messing around with Realflow in the last few weeks. Nothing special, but I'm kinda proud of where my efforts are leading, in a way... Do I have to be worried about having used a famous logo/brand? It could go under the "spec work" category, right? Ok, I'm learning so I know by myself this is not perfect or spectacular but I'd like some good criticism from you fellas. Draw your swords cheers M.
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