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Found 18 results

  1. Hey everyone just want to share one project I'm kinda proud of, my Xparticles Contest 2017 entry. Cheers!
  2. Some cool stuff came out today while playing around with C4D, Redshift and a Sculpture scan I did a while ago using Photoscan. I’ll post some more details soon
  3. Hey guys, So I am having a problem with getting an alpha channel on a texture that is camera projected inside of Arnold. I can get the image to have transparency with a regular texture along the railing....but I cant duplicate that process for when I need to camera map onto the geometry in the background. The plane on the left with the green behind it is just showing that there is transparency along the top of the photo, and that the alpha channel is working. But above the green texture, that same railing does not have transparency, when the texture needs to be camera projected. Any advise? https://www.dropbox.com/s/8b419a5wog90s9k/Projection_Mapping_Alpha_Issue.jpg?dl=0
  4. Hi we are Drop & Render an innovated render farm services that provides many daily customers to get there work done on time. We released our new C4D render farm plugin. This plugin lets you render super fast and places all files directly on your harddrive, on any location you like! It has a scene check option to make sure everything is going smoothly.. It's supports many of your favourite plugins en render engines. For the full list check out the website. We are looking for beta testers, you get €10,- euro to start and we help you with any problems. You can start bij creating a free account on the website. Give it a try and let us know what you think! your option is imported to us! http://www.dropandrender.com
  5. I'm having trouble rendering hairs in a scene. I started with Feather objects for a bird in a project I'm creating. They weren't behaving well with the symmetry object I was using, so I converted them into Hair objects, which worked much better...In the viewport. They won't show up on render, and I can't figure out why. I recreated the same hierarchy setup in a much simpler, (but similar) scene, and they rendered fine. I can't figure out the difference between the two scenes that's causing the hairs not to render. I've included a (somewhat) stripped down version of the scene I'm trying to create. I realize the viewport is a little sluggish, as there's a lot going on it. If the feathers are not where they should be, turning off all parametric objects and turning back on snaps them into place pretty well. I also have been leaving it on frame 20, as there is animation before that kind of makes it hard to see what's going on. (I'm hoping it's not the animation that's causing the issue) I've also included the simple version of the scene where it DOES work, in the hopes that somebody smarter and/or wiser can see the difference I'm missing to make my final project work. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cbj4d9sk62k9tbp/AACKKmAUvCFw8v-O0wXCZ1hoa?dl=0 Thanks! Edit: In the render settings, you might see that I had the Hair selections set to Include, but that is not the source of the problem, even though it SHOULD be set to Exclude. That was just part of my troubleshootings.
  6. Hey guys, I took some time to prepare an instructional video on Render Settings & Optimization with Octane Render for Cinema 4D + an Octane Reference Library about Kernel Settins. Here are the posts: Render Settings & Optimization with Octane Render for Cinema 4D Octane Render Reference Library - Kernel Settings Hope you find some good info in it. Best, Dobs
  7. I often come across a conundrum of having to show a rough work in progress / animatic / wireframe output from cinema 4d even once I have my project looking nice in terms of lighting and textures. To show a state that looks unfinished I then have to uncheck options in render settings, , disable AA, remove textures and lights and then add display options and then enable HUD displays. Has anyone discovered a quick way to make a crappy render from a nice looking scene to show interim progress to clients? Better still packaged it up into an output template/scene/plugin that is easily implemented. thank you in advance!
  8. jeffbriant

    Mmmm Motion.

    Hey all, I've got a reel now.. and some other stuff. Maybe this will amuse some of you. I freelance, always looking. Bring it on, brutha. www.jeffbriant.com
  9. Anybody know any friendly Render Farms for C4D that will render projects that are using the Ray Connector plugin?
  10. In this brief video we discuss using RDP to monitor PCs running as render nodes. If you're already a Mac user and want more back-end render power without buying a top of the line MacPro, this is for you.
  11. Sounds like a spam post, but no. Just saw this video from James Whiffin yesterday. You set up your AE render queue with "Multi-machine settings" for both output module and render settings (default is PSD sequence btw) and then set off as many BG Renderer instances as you have processor threads. It is scary fast. Amazing. Obvs you need to stitch the image sequence and add your sound bed, but that's what Quicktime Pro is for, right? The added bonus is that if you use RSMB a lot and have to re-render crossed frames (you know, the orange cross that Reelsmart says means you're a pirate even if you bought the f'kin plugin an hour ago) each instance calls up the single frame it needs, skipping the ones that the other BG Renderer instances are working on - meaning no more crossed-out frames! Edit: Got a bit excited there. No, RSMB is truly on a mission to ruin my life. Happy rendering boyos (yes, I know about 20% of you are all too aware of this, just thought I'd spell it out). http://ae.tutsplus.com/tutorials/workflow/significantly-speed-up-your-renders-from-after-effects/
  12. Hi guys & gals, I want to render multiple instances of my AE project via the terminal on multiple machines. Can I do so if I am using AE CS6 on the main computer but all the rest of the machines have AE CS5? Me: CS6 Everyone else: CS5 Can I render on their terminals? If not, any other ideas to make a quick and dirty render farm? Any good soup recipes?
  13. I was wondering if there was an app, or something that would send a text message to your phone after a render in After Effects was finished. Me and a buddy were talking about this earlier, and couldn't find anything. However, on a tumblr blog we did see this: http://psql.me/image/49374088201 If an app doesn't exist, it totally should, just sayin What do you guys think?
  14. Hey all, AENY meeting is tomorrow 3/28 . Important topic VFX Town Hall current state of VFX with myself , Bran Doughtery-Johnson, Eric Alba and others. Also Zync guys will be on hand to talk Nuke/Maya rendering in the cloud. Here is the meeting info and Eventbrite link for the free meeting. Come out if you can make it. http://aeny.org/2013/03/march-2013-meeting/ Hope to see you there if your in NYC or surrounding area make sure you make it out for the VFX panel talk. Cheers, Jim
  15. Hi, I have a scene, where i need an RGBA render and a separate AO pass. What i usually do is have a setup for my RGBA image with reflections,lights, GI and whatnot, disable the floor, then hit render. Then i would duplicate the Render Settings, and disable lights, reflections, etc, enable the floor and the AO pass and hit render again. So far so good, but i was wondering if it is possible to write a script, that ties objects (like my floor and lights) to different Render Settings, so that when i change to AO setting, all the unnecessary elements are hidden from render. Something like a render id ? Its not a really big deal, but things can get messy with more complicated scenes. Any ideas ? Thanks, Csaba
  16. This is the render in Cinema 4d but when i render it out using Net-Renderer it comes out different [second image]. I am not sure what i am doing wrong. The main object that is transparent also does not show up in Interactive Render Region at all. Both screens are Frame 61 Final Render with NetRenderer I think it has to do something with the Renderer not recognizing the bend deformers and the mesh. Help Please
  17. http://vimeo.com/26968936 pass: uprising Hey guys. I just finished a 3D project in Cinema and wanted to post the final here. It's pretty simple but I def feel like I'm progressing from where I started in 3D I don't do as many 3D projects as I would like but it feels good when I'm able to do them. I always learn a lot. This time it seems texturing and rendering were the big hurdles. There are things I wish I could of done better. I don't like that the bricks just explode into perfect cubes. I tried playing with Nitro4D but didn't have the time to really make it do what I needed it to do. The texturing started freaking out when I had it set to fillet. Not sure why that was. Had so many rendering issues. Started with GI then went to AO and finally got some kinks worked out where in the end GI worked the best for me. AO just kept looking like crap and taking forever to render. Anyways thanks to all who helped me out with some of my questions.
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