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Found 3 results

  1. Any character rig jedi's out there know how to trouble shoot mixamo movements that interpenetrate ? just trying to do a simple idle stand with a maybe a sword swing for test animation. 1) how would one set limitations or is it even possible when working with mixamo ? 2) what's the best way to create a rig with controllers on such a creature ? Character auto biped rig or something else ? 3) any tuts for such an effort greatly appreciated
  2. Hello peeps, My usual level of intellect is lacking on this one... How to rig a ratchet wheel? In my case, the ratchet is following the rotation of a swing arm, which has a ratcheted surface pressed onto the wheel with a spring... When the swingarm returns to its base pose, the ratchet wheel cannot follow the swingarm back to base because of the ratchet. So how do I drive the rotation of the wheel to make a strict 45-degree advance, then stop rotation, and not follow the negative rotation of its 'parent' when the swing arm returns to base? Each subsequent movement of the swing arm would then add another 45-degree rotation to the current angle of the wheel. I get the impression this requires the use of the memory node but the help dox aren't making sense this week. cheers pals x
  3. Hello peeps, I'm rigging up a robot. I've bought Cactus Dan's CD Constraints, in the belief that my lack of knowledge would be alleviated slightly by an automated process. But I was wrong: I know hardly anything. I have a mount on the robot's shoulder. This should swivel in Y-axis only, then the gun is attached to this hinge, and it should pivot in the X-axis only. We downloaded the model in FBX format and there was a system of two bones per hinge and gun, both with an (IK) aim system, so they both look at the same thing. The constraints should restrain the hinge to the Y only and the gun to the X only. Every time I port the model to the other guys' compters, this hierarchy falls apart. It's pretty neat when the IK goal is used to aim the gun and the pivot constraints work, but this is just not happening. Something horrible is happening within the parented orientation of the joints. Aim/target tags just make the model swing wildly around into the supposed correct orientation. I realise that Euler rotations aren't the easiest concept to grasp, but this has me stumped. I was trying to not use bones at all and just use nulls and xpresso to do this, but that too is proving very hard. Does anyone fancy a challenge? I'm trying my hardest to spend time watching rigging tutorials, pissing about with this model, but my time for R&D is over and it gets animated on Monday. Gulp. Scene file here (R12) Many many many thanks in advance...
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