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Found 5 results

  1. I know mocha AE but am new to stereo roto in Pro. I've tracked a shot of a conductor waving his arms around in front of camera and the second view's roto shapes are not only shifted over (as expected) but also commonly much smaller. For exmaple, Here's how i tracked his waving hand: - Using a basic x-spline i loosly tracked his hand with Pos/Rot/Scale (not shear/perspective). (I tried shear and perspective but it didn't seem right as the surface/grid went crazy) - Create a more detailed spline and link to the basic. - keyframe detailed spline to match ftg - switch to 2nd view and the roto shape is similar but smaller and definitely not matching Attempt: - Uber Key: I thought I'd be able to use the Uber key and shift/scale everything in the 2nd view to match. But when I add a first keyframe on the 2nd view and move everything, the mask reforms back to it's previous state in a couple frames (based on the Hero/1st view). Where am i going wrong? Thanks
  2. Fresh off the render queue, I supervised the vfx for this film for BECHTEL's 'We Need Engineers' initiative. Tons of roto, cg, tracking and late nights, but we got there in the end. What do you guys think? https://vimeo.com/119434335
  3. A short tutorial about depth propagation tool, helping to reduce significantly the roto masks number, to create depth maps for background and foreground. Less manual work is needed, more time for a coffee break Take a look:
  4. Hey all 2013 starts another year for AENY. Here is the rundown for the meeting if your in NYC. Always open and free to attend just show up. Chris has a new Roto tool he has developed that is going to blow some minds for Roto and collaboration. http://aeny.org/ Juan SalvoCOLORISTO “New York City based colorist, Juan Salvo, is as demanding with image quality as he is technically savvy, a combination that’s served him well in his chosen profession. His work has been seen on movie and television screens and in web browsers and mobile devices worldwide. He regularly collaborates with a diverse clientele; acclaimed music video directors, world-renowned artists, advertising creatives, filmmakers and documentarians to enhance and finish their projects. Chris HealerVFX SUPERVISOR - THE MOLOCULE Chris will be showing a new rotoscoping/collaboration tool he developed Remotoscoping.com. Founded in 2005, The Molecule has established itself as a prime resource for high quality Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Animation. Our artists and production crew service those in the Television, Feature Film, Advertising, and Corporate Industries with a special focus on Visual Effects, Commercials, Episodic Television, Graphics Packages, and Interactive Installations.
  5. Hey folks, Just wanted to make a quick mention that the annual Imagineer Holiday Sale is now on. 50% off mocha Pro upgrades until Dec 26th. (nodelocked only, 1 per customer) Purchase link is here Basically, any owner of Adobe After Effects CS4, CS5 or CS5.5 can use the upgrade path to purchase mocha Pro for this limited time period. mocha Pro adds advanced tools for object removal, lens calibration, etc. Happy Holidays!
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