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Found 5 results

  1. Anyone have any recommendations for a really good camera shake plugin or script in AE? I've used the Red Giant universe one, and of course have done the common wiggle(), but am still really unhappy with the results—it always feels inorganic. The best camera shakes I've found are for Premiere, and are footage based—it would be amazing to find shakes of this caliber as a similarly one-click solution for the AE camera.
  2. I'm pleased to announce that after months of feedback, testing, research and development, CGPlugins.com is now officially live! CGPlugins.com (Computer Graphics Plugins) is a website designed for developers to promote their computer-graphics related plugins & scripts, for free, so as to draw attention, improve product visibility and increase SEO ranking through linking to their official product homepage. For users, it serves as a massive repository of the world’s greatest CG software collection, all housed under one roof. As a developer: Frustrated at your lack of promotional options? You’ve just spent months of development on your greatest software to date. Now you want the world to see it but forums don’t allow software promotion, news sites are highly selective in what articles they carry and websites charge absurd fees to have your product featured. Banner ads require costly click-through rates while magazine ads can charge upwards of thousands of dollars for limited exposure. The truth is, developers have few and limited options when it comes to showcasing their work from both a practical and financial standpoint. CGPlugins.com intends to fill that gap by providing developers with a full-feature software submission website loaded with promotional tools designed for developers to get their product out there! Upload your content and link your post to your product page for increased traffic, wider visibility and higher SEO ranking. As a user: Tired of searching through endless resources for specific plugins or scripts? Found the tool you want but can’t download it without registering or paying a membership fee? As a digital artist, you use a combination of CG software so why doesn’t any site categorize all of them together? CGPlugins.com aims to fix that by ultimately providing one of the largest databases of conglomerated industry plugins and scripts under one roof. The gorgeous, fully-responsive masonry style layout makes it easy and fun to browse through the products while powerful filtering options quickly narrow down results with a click of the button. A lightning-fast search engine coupled with a live search tool provide instant and immediate feedback. Detailed product meta info lets you know about software versions, OS compatibility and cost so you can grab the right tool for your pipeline, quickly and effortlessly. Find the software you want, when you want it. CGPlugins.com is 100% free! If you are a CG software developer or a digital artist looking for a repository of the world's best CG plugins & scripts, sign up now at CGPlugins.com and start promoting your products today! Visit CGPlugins.com now! --
  3. Hey Everyone, We've just released Bret Bays' powerful new Rig-it scripts - making several repetitive tasks you face when rigging a character much less tedious. What's included: · Color scripts that make it easy to assign colors distinguishing left and right sides of the rig, as well as centerline controllers or joints. · Split joint scripts that quickly split joints evenly to any number you choose. · SetupFK script that automatically creates forward kinematic controllers for selected joints. · Create Custom Controllers script that provides a way to quickly and easily create a controller out of any polygonal object. These scripts are available exclusively for Premium Cineversity members. Check it out: http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/rig-it_scripts1 The Cineversity Team -------------------------- www.cineversity.com
  4. I saw a video recently for a script or plug-in that lets you "group" layers by inserting a layer above them. I cannot for the life of me remember what it's called, and I don't think it's something from AE scripts. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  5. Searched everywhere to try to locate the scrips Mike the Monkey refers to in his NAB presentation on sound. They were scripted by Rick Barrett and were available from Cineversity but dead links since they changed the site. The scrips are Progressive Keys and Import data. I was hoping someone could hook me up... thanks Crispin Dah..LOL http://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/nab_2010_rewind_4dthieves_-_mike_the_monkey_senften Couldn't see the forest for the trees. It is here under "files"
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