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Found 5 results

  1. Hi! I just finished my newest short film "Nothing is Original". Hope you like it! https://vimeo.com/293175826
  2. Hey guys! Newbie member here. Love it already. I really wanted to get some thoughts on this film I made. It's about a love affair between an anonymous lurker and a dancing internet sex demon (slightly NSFW): A bit more info : This started as a typical no-client, self-promotion fan-made music video but as time wore on I started using it to project other ideas onto and it became more a of a mutant neither-this-nor-that sort've clusterfuck of mixed intentions. Maybe you can relate. I was burning to tell a story, but I'm a motion graphics guy by day so I really have no clue how to tell a story. Rollercoaster designer, right Sagmeister? Still, I find it interesting trying to adapt the skills and knowledge I do have into forming some kind of narrative, so I thought I'd try getting this basic story across just using interface design and interaction. I'd say it has limited success as a story but I am planning to recut this into a more manageable length so I'd love to hear any thoughts you have watching it. I really fascinated with glitch effects, deep-web culture, data corruption, and moral corruption. I guess I liked the link between the two; a filthy pixelated data-stream from the seventh level of hell. Event Horizon was very formative for me. I tried making this end in redemption though, but I don't feel the redemption at all, it all feels a little flat. I've probably spent too much time making this. Oh, also, a word of advice, don't make a self-promotion piece that ends up being NSFW and full of bizarre sexual undertones unless you want to baffle and alienate all of your clients. Whoops. Thanks for your time!
  3. I am a Mumbai based artist/ designer. I have recently completed a short film based on an old poem of mine. The Creases of Address Music: SADNESS COSMO by Bruno Philippsen ( Passo Fundo, Brazil ) Narration: Chris Vail . Based on an old poem of mine: CREASES OF ADDRESS Sharp strands of wind skipping the daylight. He stands there… holding the silver horn. Herds of people converging through the narrow escape route… announcing the arrival of the ready and quick. Look behind your shoulder and smile back at them… they are tired and hurt. Aeroplanes keeps blocking the sky, filling it with moist dust. Read the creases of these addresses… spinning out your dreams… my dreams… reaching out to the golden bridge. We are here and waiting… for them to understand all these stupid things near you and I. Reading threads of memories… walking away from our doorstep. Stop him before he breaks the horn… This should be simple for you. Thanks and warm greetings from India, Bharat Sarwiya
  4. https://vimeo.com/53225039 Short animation. Living colors. Research about colors in video, optical illusions, how it affect our mind. Idea for this short video based on jungle, wild nature. I choose jungle theme because is more fantastic world inside our world. It contain a lot of animals which we never see in our life, in our environment. But at same time is our world. All these animals exist on our planet. It could be beautiful and terrifying, very relaxed or extremely wild. I found it interesting parallel with my research. Do we able to see unusual things in our life? Our mind so adopted to see just what we have to see, so sometime we lost a lot of interesting things around us. In our logical, reasonable world we lost ability to see beauty around us. But my project not about this only. It's more about human mind, vision. How we see and how it affect us. In this short animation I try to find the way how to create direct communication on sensual level not logical. Because a lot of objects we see is not looks like we see them. Our mind constantly manage scenes we see and adopt it to more appropriate way for us. If person is in dead danger situation sometimes his vision become black and white for moment. It's a lot another examples how it works. Optical illusion exist by the same reason. Because our mind is trying to adopt picture for us. We see what we expected to see. In this video I create surreal environment which should affect viewer mind in different way, not the same as cinema. I'll try to create feeling without storytelling without logical scenario. Just using visual tools and our perception. Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of sensory information. So as we have limited amount of senses, we can build our opinion about this reality just based on these senses. And most important is vision and hearing.
  5. I saw an animated short featured maybe two years ago on motionographer. It was about a guy and girl who are astonomers, and how they end up falling in love. Very subtle, quite piece with gorgeous retro-style illustration and animation. Anyone see it or have an idea of where i might find it? thanks
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