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Found 78 results

  1. Hello mograph people! Finally, I finished my website and showreel. If you have any suggestions about what I can improve or change please let me know. https://piotrmirosz.com/showreel-2020 Best, Piotrek
  2. Hope you enjoy, I welcome any comments :) https://vimeo.com/333934501 Tim
  3. Hello everyone! Here is my latest showreel! Please enjoy it! Thanks!!
  4. Hey team! Here's my current reel which I'm looking to update soon, I would love to get some critique to help me shape the update. I have some new work to swap in so if anybody has feedback on which are the weaker clips etc would be really keen to hear. Thanks in advance
  5. Hello! I'm Nuno Leites, a motion designer based in Porto, Portugal. I launched my first reel 4 years ago and in the meanwhile many things have changed. I created my own studio, Snack Studio, where I worked during 4 years. Six months ago we decided to go different pahts and I returned to my freelance journey. In this reel you will find a compilation of projects I developed during the last 4 years. + projects and info: nunoleites.com
  6. kubalu

    My new reel

    Hi guys, First of all Hello everyone, I have just found out about this community thanks to School of Motion and the podcast with Carey Smith. I have assembled recently a new reel and I would appreciate your constructive critique on it. What could I do better? Best regards, Kuba Lu
  7. matsvm

    Showreel #1

    I would like to share my first showreel. It showcases my best projects I've worked for two years at the studio Sleak. Feedback always appreciated!
  8. Happy New Year! A new year calls for a newly redesigned website and showreel. Enjoy! www.sethminnich.com
  9. Hey Guys, this is my latest ShowReel, take a look! I hope you like it http://https://www.behance.net/gallery/43738293/Dario-Cavaliere-ShowReel-2016
  10. Here is my new reel for 2016. I would love to get some feedback as I start to transition from my full time job to going back to freelance. Any helpful tips would be appreciated
  11. Hi everyone, I'm Adrian Moran. I'm a newbie here, and I wanna introduce myself with my reel and I wanna know what you think about it. I'm from Barcelona, I have 4 years of experience on Motion & Graphic design. I studied multimedia in Barcelona, while I was studying I started my own company and I worked there for 3 years. After that I worked 1 more year in an advertising company called Ondho, and now I'm a freelancer. Hope you like it, any feedback is welcome
  12. Hello all, i'm a french Motion Designer / AD, freelancer in Paris. I Would love to have your suggestions on my works, and on my Showreel ! Thanks in advance for your time and your suggestions. My works here : http://www.flasheur-freelance.com/ And my Demo here : My last Showreel ! Thanks, fab
  13. ARTIBITE REEL 2015 is online. Have fun. https://vimeo.com/137613113 Let me know what you think?. Best Kevin
  14. Title and video pretty much says it all https://vimeo.com/119260682 All the best, Søren
  15. Hey guys, Just wanted to invite you to the Shit Showreels Say Facebook page! If you like to watch showreels, or want to give your own reel a bit of a boost in views - send it over. I'm also trying to run a contest on most Friday's, via my Twitter, for plugins and mograph software, so watch out for that too. So far we've had Element 3D 2, RealFlow, Anicons, Plexus, Rubberize-It, Newton 2, Nodes 2, Scenery 2, DigiEffects, Wipster and a bunch more... Cheers everyone. Peter Quinn Peterqu.in @_peterquinn_
  16. Check it out my fellow mographers! This is my newest showreel. A colleague once said to me "always try to show the kind of work you want to do more of" So with this reel I've included a lot of personal work, AFX character rigs, abstract particle design and general weirdness. It's a lot less 'commercial' than my other reels have been. I also made a conceptual intro that no one likes or understands. It's really profound though, I swear. Let me know what you think!
  17. We recently chatted with some really well respected people in the video community to learn what it takes to make a showreel that cuts through the sh*t. We spoke to Justin Cone (motionographer.com), Adam Lisagor, Scott Simmons, Chris Savage (CEO of Wistia), Ned Wenlock (director of that music video called Apache), Gareth O'Brien (Buck.tv), Ryan Connolly, Michael Jones, Seth Worley, Peter Quin (sh*t showreels say), Kylee Wall, Michael Hanson, Paul Clements and Bryan Tosh. Read it here
  18. Hi mograph land I setup a new company this Summer with a couple of other freelancers. We just launched our site / reel. if people would take a look it'd be mucho appreciated. Thanks! http://workbyprocess.com
  19. Hi, I've recently come back to After Effects after a long time away, and put together a showreel. If anybody has any constructive feedback on it, whether it's the quality of the work, the edit or anything else. I'd appreciate it. Cheers, Mark http://vimeo.com/102270283
  20. Hello guys, my name's Philippe and I'm starting out as a motion designer. I wanted to show my very first motion graphic oriented reel (i'm used to say 'demo reel' but everyone here seems to go for 'showreel'. Is it a motion graphic thing to call a demo a showreel? I have no idea ^_^'). I'm seeing the experienced showreels posted here and realise that I have to continue to work my art, but I wanted feedback on the thing I'll attempt to get my first freelance contracts with. Keep in mind I don't have much in bank in term of footage yet, although that means I should stay open minded for 'remove that clip' kind of feedback. Thanks a lot! links: direct vimeo link: embeded on my web page: motion-philquiet.com
  21. Hi i'm Esteban Bustos, i'm freelance designer, here is my reel 2014: If you have any suggestions or advice would be nice to hear them.
  22. Hello, I've been working at a studio for just under two years now (entered with near 0 experience.) Recently I've been teaching myself 3d but hadn't done enough pieces that I'm proud of enough to put into the reel. The ones that I have done since putting this together (there's just one if I'm honest) I'm saving for next year's reel. I was hoping to get some feedback / critique and general ideas and comments from you guys.
  23. chj

    New Site/Reel

    Finally decided to go freelance after 4 years working full time. New site and reel below. Thoughts appreciated. Cheers www.visionism.tv
  24. Hello all, I finally finished my motion graphics and animation showreel, as well as my new site, so feel free to comment all, at this moment still working on my compositing showreel as I decided I will split my work on specific areas, hope you like it, enjoy, Drazen
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