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Found 4 results

  1. If you know some motion graphics related Instagram accounts or have one yourself, please post them here =) One I like a lot is https://www.instagram.com/two_fresh_creative/
  2. Hi everybody or anybody, I am new to this site and don't really know the "rules of engagement" but what I do know that I am crazy about animation and moving shapes in After Effects. So when I finally got some time on my hands I have decided to create a short animation ( 1 min) long. And now I present my creation to you guys. So I wrote a short poem about my Instagram addiction and after hard work of watching tutorials, animating, translating it to English. I finally finished and ready to present it to "Motion gods" or "motion servants" so tell me what you think. Here is a link to YouTube video Instagram a world of beauty
  3. Hello everybody. Who knows some good motion graphics related twitter accounts worth following? Here are some that I know and follow (in alphabetical order): Twitter: @2DFam_ @adamswaab @AddiktDM @Aixsponza @ArtoftheTitle @BrandNewSchool ‏ @buck_tv @dfmn @GSG3D ‏ @imaginaryforces @JoseM_Pena @jrcanest @MillChannel ‏ @motionographer ‏ @motions_work ‏ @psyop @RubennA_ @tomaszczajka @twistedpoly @weareMK12 ‏ and for laughs: @FreelanceWars ‏ And please feel free to promote your own personal account too.
  4. Hi. If you have time enough, have a quick look at one of my last video. http://vimeo.com/108210497 I hope you’ll like it Your comments are welcome. Thanks.
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