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Found 4 results

  1. Hi there, I am a composer from the Netherlands. I provide composing and sound design services to filmmakers and game developers around the world. What I offer: Music Composition Writing, Arranging, Production of Music in a variety of styles: Classical, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, EDM and more Audio Direction & Sourcing Selecting Suitable Royalty-Free Audio Content, Collaboration with a number of Freelance-Writers, Voice Talents and Musicians Mixing & Mastering Sound, Music, Voiceovers, Audio for Music Streaming, TV, Online in commonly used audio standards (e.g. EBU R128) Audio Production Music, Sound Effects, Foley for Film, Trailers, Commercials, Explainers, Audio Books & Interactive Experiences Examples of my work: Women's Trust: Asus Zenfone commercial (Password "Asus"): http://dreikelvin.nl/portfolio/asus-zenfone-2/ TIMG Explainer: Crome Death Release Trailer: mcafee/intel explainers: http://dreikelvin.nl/portfolio/intel-security-mcafee-explainers/ explainers for dutch television: my stockaudio collection: http://dreikelvin.nl/shop Contact me via PM or the contact form on my website: http://www.dreikelvin.nl/ Let's work on something exciting! All the best, Robert
  2. Hi! I'm Biel, from Barcelona. I make music and sound design for any kind of project. I'm opening this post looking for more projects in which I can collaborate, this way I'll keep improving my skills. I'll do it for free as far is not a money-earning work. So if you are interested mail me at biel.blancafort@gmail.com and we'll talk. Here's a website with some of my works.
  3. Hello there! I'm looking for visual material so I can work on its sound. I'm a sound designer/technician based in Barcelona. For the last 6 years I've been studying and working mostly on Location Sound and Postproduction for movies. But now, I want to focus my career on Sound Design and Music. So if you have some motion graphics video and need sound design/music for it just ask! My intention is to keep working on sound every day so, as long as I have the time and I like it, I will do it! No need to say I will do it for free, only non profitable stuff Here some of my works on vimeo: www.vimeo.com/jaumellorens contact mail: jaumellorensabad@gmail.com
  4. In this tutorial we will look at how to sync 2D mouth movements to audio using After Effects expressions.
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