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Found 2 results

  1. Got a brief chance to spray some pixels on a 100 million year old dinosaur skeleton.. and so armed with a camera, laptop, projector and Madmapper and VDMX software, I went at it.. some results below.. https://vimeo.com/37640575 http://www.skynoise.net/2012/02/29/re-animating-dinosaur-skeletons
  2. Long-time lurker here... I use both motion graphics and VJ software, but until now have been mostly participating within various VJ forums, and figure that it's a good time to change. After just finishing a micro-budget music video, I've posted over at skynoise.net a small piece about using VDMX, Syphon + After Effects together. VDMX is powerful real-time video software you can use with midi knobs and sliders of a midi controller, and Syphon is a newish protocol for easily sending video between applications ( eg to Syphon recorder for real-time HD recording ). This can be really great for customising some material for use within the likes of After Effects. It's not bleeding edge or anything, but I'm increasingly happy about the state of video capabilities these days. If the post resonates in any way, I'd be curious to hear about it.. ( Or direct link to vimeo clip, if you want to leave a comment there.... any feedback about the animation itself very welcomed / craved.. as the post explains, it had to be done in a short time, with some wonky green screen footage... )
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