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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, it's been forever since I posted anything, but I'm back doing a little animating and curious if anyone knows if there is a way to maintain the "contextual alternates" open type option for live text in AE CC? it's kind of like using ligatures, but it just alternates the font options. It's an option in photoshop. Also, did AE CC do away with converting psd layers to live text? Ugh. I'm so freakin' out of the loop. any help is appreciated. thanks, fb
  2. Hey guys, I am kinda new here but I thought it was worth sharing. I have created an After Effects script and I would like to have your feedback about it. The script is called Hyle, you can get more informations here: http://hyle.io. It allows you to generate content from a simple and understandable text syntax and aims at giving you a way to interact with After Effects from a data-first perspective. This can be useful in many ways since it gives you the opportunity of bypassing the interface to avoid repetitive tasks. I'd really like to know what you guys think about it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UyfU0DFtMuY See it on aescripts: http://aescripts.com/hyle/
  3. tutorial concept based off content I created a while back: http://www.cargocoll...labama-Graphics download the file for best quality results (on Vimeo)
  4. I've been using c4d for ten years now and have always been frustrated with c4d's lack of kerning. The kernimator is a good first step but quite a hack and messy if you get into texturing or using other effectors, and the kerning effector, also a big step forward, is still limited to flush left only, and the attribute window interface is cumbersome to use, all that guessing which letter is which number, especially once it comes to making changes to the text. So I've been working on an xpresso solution that uses the HUD system as an elegant UI that puts the kerning controls exactly where you need them, between the letters you're kerning, and you can turn it off when it's not needed. It works centered, flush left, flush right, single line and multiple lines. Additionally you can offset letters on the y and z axis, in R12, R13 and the R14 demo. Reviews: “There have been multiple scripts, presets, and plugins to allow Typophiles to control their typography in Cinema, none however, as useful and robust as Kernit.” - LesterBanks.com “I've had this only two days and already used it three times at work. Very useful #C4D type tool with clever UI concept. http://c4dtools.net/kernit/” - Robert Leger on twitter “New #C4D tool: "Kernit" - kerning type has never been that easy and intuitive! #c4dtools http://c4d3d.com/Ro4iJR” - MAXON on twitter Check it out: https://vimeo.com/48473577 http://c4dtools.net/kernit/
  5. Anyone know if it is possible to set up a shatter effect on text, but still have the text editable for quick changes?
  6. Anyone know if its possible to edit a .c4d file in a text editor of sorts, kind of how you can pry open a maya file and modify things like file paths and what not? I've got a bunch of xrefs that need updating but I'd like to do it manually, because there's been some weirdness with updating the xrefs. At some point in updating the xrefs, they all go red and i can't edit/update them anymore. No clue why this happens. Maybe its because the files are being linked to a network, I don't know. But if I can edit the xref file paths outside of c4d, maybe I can bypass this weirdness.
  7. Don’t be limited by the Convex, Linear, and Engraved Filet Cap edges in MoType anymore. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to use a different fast and easy method to unlock more potential in your text designs in Cinema 4D. http://eyedesyn.com/...t-edge-effects/
  8. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give you heads up on the new preset and tutorial I have just released on QubaHQ. In this tutorial I will demonstrate the use of a new free preset from QubaHQ.com – Floaties. Floaties is a text animator based fake particle simulator allowing you to create floating specs of dust, glitters, bokeh-style out of focus abstract backgrounds and other visual elements. It attempts to emulate some of the basic behavior found in Trapcode Particular, providing limited, but free alternative to that popular plugin (as long as you are going for a certain visual style). Running time: 51min Difficulty: Easy Required tools: After Effects The tutorial can be found at: http://qubahq.com/20...orial-floaties/
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