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Found 7 results

  1. Hey any of you have experience with the Quixel suite (NDO, DDO, etc) or Substance Designer? Any preference? One work better than the other with C4D? or Octane?
  2. Hello, after few months, I wanted to share with you some of my new work. I' m focusing on character creation, sculpting/modeling them, etc... Here are some of what I do/did. credit to Ruslan Kim (Inspiration)
  3. Hi, I would like to create this texture for an object which has a noise pattern in the color and luminance, but I want it to look the same size no matter where the camera is. Is that possible? Noise from too close looks awful, and from too far is not visible, I want its dots to be always the size of 1 pixel. Thanks, Pau
  4. Hey guys, new tutorials just went up at School of Motion. Enjoy! http://www.schoolofmotion.com/floating-on-the-ocean-with-cinema-4d/ joey
  5. Hi Folks, Here's the setup: I'm making a paper looking globe by putting a slice of sphere in a radial cloner object, and then fanning it out so that it creates a globe. This all works beautifully until I try to combine the fix texture option with animating the start and end angle of the radial cloner object. What I'm trying to do is attach a map texture to the cloner object, so that when it's fanned out completely, the individual segments of the cloner have the image of the map spread across them. I'm using spherical mapping, and that works well, and looks how I want it to (img. 1). The problem comes when my globe fans from shut position to full globe position. Once it animates in C4d, it maps the globe texture to each individual segment, not as a globe overall (img. 2). For some reason, the texture does stick and work properly if the globe is animating from full globe to shut position. The problem with that is I need it to go from shut to open. I'm banging my head against the wall here. Any suggestions? C4D R11.5 Project File: http://www.mtinley.com/previews/tinley/Paper_Sphere.c4d
  6. Hey fellow Mo-o'graphers... I am trying to model a perfume bottle for a friend, and am having some issues as far as getting a liquid inside my glass bottle. Because the shape of the bottle is a little odd...I created a spline on the bottom of the bottle...and extruded it up. I then closed the polygon holes that the extruded splines vreated making a fully enclosed bottle. I actually duplicated the Extrude Nurm...scaled it in a touch...and gave it a different transparent texture and liquid color. If anyone can give me some advice on how to tackle this it would be GREATLY appreciated. On a side note...I am in Northern NJ...and have a lot of good potential jobs in C4D...I could use someone close by to learn from and work with if anyone is interested! Thanks in advance everyone! http://i.imgur.com/EbwqN.png Greg
  7. OK! Hey fellas... I modeled a dice...using a cube, and a bunch of sphere's...all placed disecting the geometry in the cube in their proper positions. Placed EVERYTHING into a Bool A-B...and as long as I have a solid material on the cube...I have my dice! the problem arises when I try and put a red transparent material onto the cube (ya know...like a REAL casino dice) i can see the cut outs of the other sphere's clear through the die... I know if it's transparent... I SHOULD be able to see the divits on the other sides...but this doesn't look quite right. If anyone has any lighting/compositing/material advice...I would greatly appreciate it. And since I'm a newbie...if anyone wants to let me know how to post some screen shots, I would be more than happy to do so just so you guys (and gals) could see how I have things set up. Merry Christmas! Greg http://Rescueskier1970.imgur.com/all/
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