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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody! This is my first animated short film. I would be really thankfull for feedback as I am just working on my next short film. I used Photoshop and After Effects for creating. Thank you in advance!
  2. So I have tried 'Inheritance Effector' and I have tried 'Random Effector' but I am not getting the results I want. I have a character rigged in nested nulls with expression controls. I want to make a clones of the of the character with animation being offset by time. I have tried everything I know so far. I feel like the problem is that my animation is nested in nulls and groups. Is there a way to randomize animation time for nested nulls with character animation?
  3. meltika


    Cronos "The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion." - Albert Einstein" The concept Cronos is an audiovisual project that wants to communicate a new conception of time. When we think about time, we do with a past present and future, is so attached to our minds and it is practically impossible to eradicate this idea. People need order the world around us, thinking that our existence has a meaning and a moment. But time is not immutable and eternal than we usually imagine. Many cultures have conceived their nature in diferent ways. Modern science does not know what time is in final. Even if there really exist. “Our consideration about time is linked to the way we think. Out of our minds, the time does not exist. Humans, each of us we understand the reality our way. In other words, the time exists because we create it. Our minds imagine and mofidy it, and somehow If we desapear, the time will too.” The proces The identy Screnshoots
  4. So is it really out of the question to tell a client that you need at least 2 weeks to complete a 4 minute animation video??
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