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Found 3 results

  1. Dave shows how to quickly add custom tools to your toolbar and shares his personal favorites.
  2. hey everyone, I don't know why it's taken 6 months to post here, but I'm in a terrible rut and I need some help. Any feedback, leads, tips, advice, empathy, anecdotes, etc helps. A few months back I moved to NY from california, right after finishing school: studying motion graphics — quite successfully (deans list, valedictorian, etc.). And since then it has been somewhat of a nightmare trying to freelance and find bookings. A friend of mine has helped me (a ton!) find at least two or three bookings, which have all been very successful. But other than a few sparse lucky chances, it's been dry. Too dry. I don't know where to look, whom to e-mail, or how to get my foot in the door. So my question is, what piece am I missing here in finding work? I'm still super new, and obviously have a lot to learn and work to build up my portfolio, but I work really (really) hard and I have a great attitude. Those latter words don't have any weight, and I just don't know how to turn them into bookings, and portfolio pieces. It's super super stressful not having any work — seriously, the stress and anxiety have begun to take their toll — but I'm just not ready to quit. here's a link to my reel/portfolio site: http://hellopatches.com/SPRING-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEL thank you!!
  3. Hi All, I am seeking some advice from the experts about how make a molecule animation like this: http://www.istockphoto.com/stock-video-11337549-molecular-structures-on-blue-background.php?st=9628d83. I would like to make a couple molecule objects and clone them. Then have them move in the same manner randomly rotating at different speeds. My mograph understanding is somewhat limited but growing. Also any tips on great (real looking) glass woud be terrific as well. Do you use tracers? Or is there a better way?
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