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Found 3 results

  1. I have a scene with a tracer tracing an emitter. The tracer is then dropped into a sweep nurb in order to texture the trails that tracer creates. I want to add 4 random colors the tracer trails. This seems to be impossible. I've tried dropping the sweep nurbs into a fracture object (set to explode and connect) but that doesn't work in motion. The fracture object freezes my tracers. How else could i add random color to the sweep nurbs that trace multiple emitters? I hope this is enough info. Please help. J.
  2. I'm trying to animate the individual parts of these letters in this logo so they grow/fill out as solid geometry the specific way I want them too. I'm using multiple tracer objects to trace animated nulls along spline paths from the letters to grow/fill out the shapes. I'm trying to put those tracer object paths inside an extrude nurbs object to give them solid geometry, the problem I am having is the extrude nurbs is only extruding the actual spline. I'm not getting any caps to fill in the shape. I'm not even sure this technique is the best way to do this--any suggestions on a better way to pull this off or how to fix this problem appreciated! Here is a link to the scene file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByisW6OXOLfYOGxBdTZHV3hKNWs/edit?usp=sharing Thanks!
  3. I have a building. The roof of the building will outline then fill in. Once this happens the roofs outline and fill will raise. I need dashed lines in the corners which has proven quite difficult. However I managed to do this by using an object cloner to the Tracer which is tracing the corners of my spline which is the outline of the roof top. This is where is gets kind of tricky. I have the outline position moving on the Y Axis above the building as if the blueprint is floating directly overhead. Once that happens I scale the outline/fill out 20%. This is where the tracer messes up. Instead of creating a tether type effect to keep the smallest point between the 2 points it creates an L shape. So from where the outline starts to the position Y spot is a straight 90 degree upward trace, then when it scales outward it goes out, but not diagonal. Instead in an L. How can I avoid this. Is there another method out there? Any help would be great, This is how i need to have it done.
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