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Found 1 result

  1. Just dealing with a bit of a crazy week here, and thought I could get some perspective from fellow mographers. To give this some context, I moved into a new house on Tuesday, and have been busy at nights moving, cleaning, etc. This week I was given a 10 second animation to complete in C4D - full HD + a 10 second lower 3rd to accompany it....by Friday. I started that on Monday. I moved on Tuesday, and got back Wed to find out that another 10 second (but admitedly simpler) animation was due Friday. I managed to get both animated, get wireframe previews approved, but found that the renders were taking a lot longer than anticipated due to some changes in the scene at the last minute. When asked what I could deliver this week, I told supervisors that the first 10 second animation was reasonable, thinking that I was leaving room for error. And of course, there were errors - glitches with fonts, passes rendering incorrectly, etc. I suppose my question to you guys is...do you have a system, a checklist, or anything that helps you anticipate how much time you'll need to get something done (regardless of the off hours craziness)? *edit Also when it comes to leaving room for error, how do you approach this? Is it reasonable to ask for a 2nd set of eyes, or does that make you look like you lack attention to detail? Do you guys have project briefs before each job?
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