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Found 1 result

  1. It looks like the latest trend in mograph is not a plug-in or style, but the switch from Macs back to PCs for production work. Obviously, this is not a universal trend, but with mixed reviews for the newMac Pro and the current lack of After Effects or iPhone in the app store, I've seems like more and more mographers are considering the switch. I'm one of them. I know there's already plenty of (really helpful) threads discussing hardware, PC building and the virtues and pitfalls of such a switch. And mixed in, I've read some pretty good tips about easing the transition, but I'd like a thread that collates all of these transitional tips into one, um, thread. Example: in some other threads I've read people suggesting tips on replacing the Apple ProRes worklow that we're so used to. Something like that would be perfect here. But also stuff that's more mundane, and doesn't necessarily relate to mograph workflows. For me, OSX and Windows are pretty much the same on the macro scale, but it's in the little everyday stuff that I find the transitional challenges. I've not yet made the switch, I'm "practicing" on my one of my render nodes, but there's already a few things I can add that have helped me. Mission Control (née Exposé) ---> Better Desktop Tool This feature is what actually brought me to the Mac side over a decade ago. I just love using the F1 keys and hot corners to navigate the OS and all the shit I'm multitasking. Windows has a variety of ways to switch tasks, but none of them are Mission Control. My solution? Better Desktop Tool basically brings Mission Control to Windows. It's not perfect (you have to use a modifier key in addition to a function key) but it gets the job done. Alfred ----> Launchy I like Alfred better than Spotlight, even the new spotlight in Yosemite. On Windows, there's Launchy, which I like better than the Start menu. I don't know if it's as robust as Alfred, but I only really used the most basic features in Alfred. Time Out ---> Workrave This is kind of silly, but I use a program called Time Out that takes over my screen every hour and tells me to take a break. Half the time I click "skip break" because I'm awful, but I still like the idea. On Windows, I've found Workrave, which even gives me little exercises to do while on my alleged breaks. Smart Scroll ---> MouseImp I navigate the OS using a Wacom tablet. I scroll webpages and other scrollable stuff with my stylus using a preference pane called Smart Scroll. On Windows, I found something called MouseImp (wonderful name, fckin' Windows) that lets me map middle mouse (button 2 on stylus) to scroll. OSX Color Picker ---> Ultra Color Picker Tested a number of these, Ultra Color Picker is my favorite. Still not possible to integrate it system wide like in OSX, but it's miles beyond the default Windows picker. Default Folder X ---> Direct Folders Discovered via advice on this thread, it's not quite as pretty as Default Folder X, but replicates the functionality and unifies save/open dialogues across Windows. Some things I'm still looking for help with: Color Picker I always like using the OSX System Color picker, saving swatches that I can grab in any app. The update to Yosemite did some weird things to the color picker (specifically with the actually picking of colors with the eye dropper) but it's still miles ahead of the piece of crap in Windows. This is kind of a big deal, as I use color picker constantly. Can't seem to find anything that comes close on Windows. Default Folder X I just find this app makes saving stuff so easy. Anything like it on Windows?
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