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Found 2 results

  1. In this tutorial we learn the basics of XREFs if you're not already familiar as well as talk about how to collaborate easily on big projects with multiple Cinema 4D artists using Dropbox.
  2. Hi people! Working on a TVC to be delivered in a week. We have a situation. scene file to follow. Using a high-poly mesh (with a low poly proxy for animating the thing with) - we have cloned, dynamic speakers flying about and bashing into each other. The speaker cones are synced to wobble to the sound bed of the TVC. I've done this with a sound effector linked to a Pose Morph. This is great except when using the model in other, bigger scene files. So I PLA Mate baked the hi-res speaker (Thanks Lennart/TCA!). Well, a TVC of 30s over 25fps is 750 frames, and the baked point-cached file is about 900Mb, not good for cloning x60 and flying around. Whether I use MoInstance or Xref, the chances of using these baked hi-res meshes in a cloner of 36 clones or more or slim. The computer is shrieking. The Xrefs don't know what to do (I ended up using Legacy Xrefs (on r13) and they aren't handling the switch to and from the low-res proxies at all. A guru of great altruism suggested I bake out the high-res speakers to .bin or .mdd mesh sequences, but I have no experience or knowledge of doing it. So - if you had to clone several dynamic hi-res models with animation on them, how would you version and instance them? What am I missing? I love you guys.
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