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Guest Sao_Bento

Recommended Books on Design

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Guest Sao_bento

These are the classics. They would be a great foundation for anyone involved in graphic design or motion graphics.


Steven Heller's new site.



Tibor Kalman: Perverse Optimist



Armin Hoffman

Graphic Design Manual: Principles and Practice



Emil Ruder




Josef Muller-Brockman



Jan Tischold

The New Typography



Karl Gerstner

Seven Chapters of Constructive Pictures, Etc



Abram Games



Paul Rand

From Lascaux to Brooklyn


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Guest Sao_bento

sao bento covered just about all of them- great post!


if that's the gerstner book i read and loved, it has a different cover... the one i read has a really ugly red cover. it's very funny, too- highly recommended.

I was looking for that one too, but settled for what Amazon had.

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don't bother with gerstner's "compendium for literates," though- it's sort of interesting, i guess, but definitely way too esoteric and weird to really get much practical info out of... but if you see it cheap, might be worth looking through. i got it from the library at my school.

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A book that I like a lot is called "Bohemian Modern" Living in Silver Lake by Barbara Bestor.

It covers the interiors and architecture around Silver Lake, and the graphics are excellent. Much

better than the pages shown at the amazon site.



A good book for the cutting edge art scene is "Live Through This" New York in the Year 2005.

It falls apart quickly, but good stuff.



The new Phaidon book on Swiss designer Max Huber is outstanding.

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