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SteadyCAM_FREE_EDITION | Camera Animation for Cinema

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Hi, all!


To keep things simple and with the introduction of Cinema R10, SteadyCAMPROv21 is now a free plugin called

SteadyCAM_FE (FREE EDITION) and can be downloaded from:




This way, there are no issues with licenses for anyone that want to use the SCPROv21 plugins in R10.


Please download SteadyCAM_FE and put it in the R10 plugin folder.


SteadyCAM_FE comes with no support but is the same as SteadyCAMPROv21 in functionality.

SteadyCAM_FE works with R9.1 to R10 but some functions will need R9.5 or higher. 


For instructions, please use the supplied Reference.pdf and check the QuickStart QT movie at tcastudios

Anyone with a SCPROv2 license can of coarse still ask questions.


To keep focus, upgrades from SteadyCAMPROv2 to SteadyCAMPROv3 at €20+VAT ,will end Monday 13th of November 2006.

After that SteadyCAMPROv3 is €50+VAT for all. 


SteadyCAM_FE can not be upgraded to SteadyCAMPROv3.


I would like to thank everyone running SteadyCAMPRO here for your support!


And no more bad camera moves from now on, OK:)



Lennart Wåhlin - tcastudios

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Guest Sao_bento

Wow, that's great. Thanks Lenart. Personally, I'd feel guilty using only the free one when you've clearly put so much time and effort into making a plug-in like this. Guys like you and Renato add a ton of value to C4D.

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