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100 best typefaces

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I know, I know, bad me. I wasn't actually trying to say that it's gained associations... if anything it's lost some, mainly due to its untutored usage in Jack drive-thrus and mini golf signs. I guess my lament is that a super watered-down version of modernist typography is the de facto standard (legibility first, even if at the cost of any other visual cues), and the give-a-fuck-o-meter says either no one really cares, or they just don't know any better. Which isn't a problem, necessarily, except that the theory (even watered down) devalues the communicative power of other kinds of art.


As for the computer... c'mon, it aligns and makes grids by default. I'm not talking about refined/good stuff, i'm just talking about the watered-down contemporary stuff. That's the only stuff i have a problem with, but that's 95% of what's out there. It's a de-flavorized, disempowered dogma of design, and it's totally pervasive (hence your drive this morning). Nobody's gonna die over it, but we're certainly not gettying anywhere by cheerleading it to #1.


I'll be quiet now.

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