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Draft Demoreel 2007

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Been working in local news market, slowing getting tired of doing holiday shopping, cat stranded graphics... <_<Reel 2007


I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions on ways to improve my reel!


Thank you!

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Looks pretty good to me.

It seems like the timing on some of the cuts could benefit from being revisited. By that I mean that certain clips are either a little too long or a little too quick.

The Free Shipping clip doesn't have much movement to it but stays on the screen for a while.

I don't know if there's some animation leading up to the Channel 4 logo, but if there is you might want to include that, as it is now the logo just flashes briefly before moving on, a little confusing.

A similar situation with the woman running into the room with the clock in the lower 3rd. It breaks up the flow a bit.

You've obviously got a good deal of work that you want to include, but maybe just cut it down to slightly longer cuts of just your very best.

I like the musical choice you made, but I do find the "Julia" (Beatles?) audio clip awkwardly placed. It doesn't really connect with Paint it Black in anyway.

Overall, good stuff. :)

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