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1080i 24p...?????

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XDCAM HD uses MPEG2 Long GOP even at 35mbps (HDV is 25mbps)...the largest CCDs for XDCAM HD are 1/2". I've seen footage from it and it looks nice. It has undercranking and overcranking like the Varicams.


As for HVX200, the JVCHD200 has much larger chips than the HVX...


HDCAM records at 1440x1080, DVCPROHD records at 1280x1080 (or 960x720 for 720 footage).


I like the Panasonic HVX cam...but P2 is really expensive but much better than tape of course.


We're going to invest in an HPX500 or HPX2000 (This one records to AVC Intra @ true 1920x1080 4:2:2 @ 10bit). Both record on P2.

These cams were awesome at NAB....they are going to get 32GB P2 cards VERY soon...then 64GB then 128GB etc...


I'd go with the HVX200 as well if you're looking to put it on a bike or have portability. A high color space is very important for compositing etc, so yeah this cam is a good choice (plus it's very tiny!).

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