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Float for ZUNE

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I wanted to share a piece thats recently been completed for Microsoft Zune Player. I'm still working on putting together some more information about the project and how this was done, but if you have a second check it out and tell me what you think.



Im temporarily removing my version of this animation at the polite request of the production studio who wishes to only show the "official cut" version of this spot anyone who wishes to see the edited version I created can send me a PM and ill be happy to show you that version.



the "official" release which can be viewed at the zune-arts website

here www.zune-arts.net


Software used was Maya and XSI, composited in After Effects


REVISED: credits are as follows


Agency: 72andsunny

Produced at Vitamin


Director : Ryan Dunn

Illustrtion : Elliot Lim

Compositing : Elliot Lim, Ryan Dunn

Modeling : Bradon Webb, Jon Dorfman, Scott Trosclair

Animation & Rigging : Ryan McDougal

Simulations & Lighting : Scott Trosclair

Rendering : Bradon Webb, Ryan Dunn

Edited by blackandwhite

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thanks for the constructive feedback, I whole heartedly agree.


loved the style of the clouds and trees and general props, but the two people weren't quite up to that same level of unique style. The idea and atmosphere of the spot is nice also.


I'm fairly terrified to work on anything with people in it because of the challenges. You guys did a good job, but there are people out there doing amazing character work, so the bar is so high...



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in defense of this project, as i am the director, we had only one rigger/animator on the entire spot, which created a limitation for how much time could realistically be spent on facial rigs and actual animation.


that said, i agree that taking on human characters for a quick turn around, low budget project such as this is risky, but hopefully the whimsical storyline comes through just the same.


also, if you would like to watch the proper director's cut, with final music and sound design, view here . . .


Zune "FLOAT" - Director's Cut



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I thought it was very nice. Great look, great lighting. My only nitpick is the camera crossed "the line" a few times which threw me off on their spacial relationship and I had to watch it a few times to see where the ladies where standing and what they were looking at. But a really nice piece especially for low-budge.

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