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Fanurio time tracking software for freelancers v1.6 released

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Atelier Software has released Fanurio, a Windows time tracking and billing application designed for freelancers. With Fanurio you can easily organize your work, track time and create invoices.


In order to keep track of client work, you can create a project for each client. Then you can record time and expenses. Work can be marked as billable or non-billable using a flat rate or an hourly rate.


While working for a client, you can create partial invoices for a project. But if you are working on more than one project for the same client then you can create an invoice for all of them. Invoices can be generated to a text or html file using an invoice template.


The application can be accessed from the Windows tray bar and it detects idle time. Fanurio can export its data to a CSV or Excel file so that you can easily import it in other applications like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice.org Calc.


Here is a list with all the important changes of this version:


* New timer that can be accessed from the tray menu

* Mark projects as finished or unfinished

* Filter projects by finished status

* Search invoices by number or client name

* Mark invoices as paid

* Filter invoices by date or paid status (see overdue invoices)


Fanurio costs $39 and it is available from http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com You can download a fully-functional trial version from http://www.fanuriotimetracking.com/download.html

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Guest Sao_Bento
windows only spam huh

There actually are threads in here about billing software, etc., so it's not really classifiyable as spam. At least it's not another sock puppet post praising the software they sell.

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This is actually useful to programmers who do consulting work. (ie my fiance) he's been bugging me to help him organize his billing, and was actually thinking about writing his own software to do something like this....


I sent the link on to him.

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