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how to balance work

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i am an animator pretty recently out of school.


there is a commercial studio that is interested in representing me as a director (of music videos/commericials) - so i will be on their roster and be pitching as things come - but being a new director with no "commercial reel" on hand, these jobs will most likely be hard to get, and not come flowing in at first - although i am up for the challenge.


In the mean time, i need to work motion graphics freelance to cover my basis. (and it's probably also a valuable experience). My question is: will a motion graphics company have a problem with the fact that i am represented somewhere else? As i pitch, and maybe get a gig, i may have to leave the motion graphics company for several weeks to do my work as a director - but normally i should have at least 2-3 weeks heads up for it.


are there a lot of motion graphics freelancers out there that are also represented or have other jobs at the same time, or just have other commitments that these kinds of timing issues have arised?


i just want to know if this is an undesireable situation for the motion graphics company or if it's something that can often be worked out.



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normally you don't commit for more than a month at a time and if you have to leave for a directing gig, I can't imagine someone getting mad. I've left mograph jobs for other mograph jobs and nobody batted an eyelash. and I can't imagine anyone minding that yo have representation other than your rep. make sure you don't step on their toes if they have you exclusively.


be up-font with everybody and I can't see it being a problem


but, than again. it's hard to get mograph jobs if you don't have a mograph reel either...

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