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It was wierd how he just wanted people to try stuff out for him and now he seems to have gone "missing".


The best CG fire I've seen came from a fluid simulator.

For real real fire, shoot it.



Anyway, back on the fire.

I'm sure RealFlow(RealSlow lolz) could do the trick.

The thing with FumeFX is that its not only a simulator but also contains a rendering engine.


So while RealFlow, which probably has a better all-round fluid simulation(FumeFX is based on voxels-Volumetric Pixel concept), FumeFX supplements its simulation with volumetric rendering to get that smoke/fire look.


I'm sure if you had a fluid sim software and a volumetric renderer such as AfterBurn, you could get the same solution.

Although FumeFX IS only $800 which ain't bad.

Oh yea...its friggin fast!


As I dig around in it, I'll post some more info on problems/etc...

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I just caught this thread... and I feel like I was making judgements before govinda even chimed in.


Mylenium gave a great first reply.

Graymachine gave a great second reply.

Chris gave not only a solution, but free tools to build the solution.


Each time graphik boutique replies with a "I want you to do my homework". If you have no intention of doing any work at all graphik boutique you should list your request in the jobs section up front. If you're going to be lazy... at least be honest.



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The time you posted in the jobs forum and I replied, you asked me to do a logo animation for you for free so you could see if you liked my style (or something like that). That was unbelievably lame (hire me or don't hire me based on my reel, not spec work, I'm not an intern). It is even more lame now that I know you are a one man band. Do you like it when clients ask you to work for free? Would you ever work for free?


At least you were offering to pay in this thread, but your rep had already taken some dirt, so I have a harder time taking you seriously now.


I don't doubt that your intentions are probably just to get by like anyone else, especially because you are one guy stretched thin, but your methods SEEM cheap and miserly.

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